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Neck and back pain

Ginajones Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi my name is gina and was wondering if anyone had any input on my condition 
For as long as i can remember ive had what i think is a trapped nerve at top of spine and some lower back pain but gradually as the years have gone on ive been getting alot of other worring symptoms 
Pins and needles on my left side (face arm hand leg foot )
Numb top of left foot which never goes away 
Stabbing pains on face mostly left side 
Stabbjng pains around body can be anywhere foot hand arm leg
Light headedness
Crawling on skin 
Lost my sight in left eye for 15 mins (a year ago )
Painful joints
Leg gives way randomly sometimes
Top of spine is numb but can be painful
Bottom of spine can have a dull ache !!
Headaches (possible migraine )
Been to A&E and was tested for a stroke had ct scan bloods MRI of brain all came back clear 
Just was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these symptoms with a trapped or damaged nerve ??? 
Been refurred to a neurologist but theres a 7 month waiting list and was just doing a bit a research myself !!
Thank you x


  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 4,262 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the forum  @Ginajones, sorry to read your in pain, I would see gp to talk about pain relief until your appointment is due, you could maybe ask him to try get a sooner date or ring hospital saying if any cancellations come up, that you would be available.
  • Ginajones
    Ginajones Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Hi sandy thank you for your reply 
    Rang gp a few weeks ago and she said she would contact them and try and hurry it along a bit but still heard nothing as of yet !! I think due to covid theres a massive backlog even with a letter from doc think its still going to be a long wait !! Xx 
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 4,262 Disability Gamechanger
    @Ginajones yeah I think maybe catching up with back log. Hopefully you get seen soon
  • Ginajones
    Ginajones Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Fingers crossed !! ?
  • Cressida
    Cressida Member Posts: 980 Connected
    @Ginajones you could also ring the consultant's secretary who will be able to tell you when the clinics are. Also them know that you can come at short notice if there are cancellations. (If you are able to of course). 

  • Ginajones
    Ginajones Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Thank you cressida i will try on monday i will try anything now !! ? thank you x fed up is a understatement now !!! ?rang once before she said that they need a letter from gp to get things moving a little quicker  !! Rang gp and she said she would send them one that was over 2 weeks ago now so just waiting but wont hurt to ring again x 
  • thomasmurraaay
    thomasmurraaay Member Posts: 1 Listener
    edited May 2021
    my dad recently struggled with really bad lower back pain after years of playing rugby, one thing that helped him get through it and he still uses it today was a stretching routine, <external link removed by moderator - advertising/medical advice not allowed on the community> like this one here. 


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