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Hi, my name is dekingtut!I am posting about my pip assessment result

dekingtut Member Posts: 5 Listener
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I am peeved right off, I had to reclaim as my pip claim had ran out over 3 years, but yet again on this assessment they have clearly nit listened to a <moderator removed profanity> word I said and have put me on the lowest claim you can get, they <moderator removed profanity> me right off, I told them the whole sicknesss I have and get and they yet again totally and utterly twisted everything I said, for instance about one thing of many I got is cyactica and on the days I get it kick in I am paralysed completely and can’t do nothing but they said I can move on other days so score nothing ????????? <moderator removed profanity> !!!!!!!!!! What the hell are they on, those days are random and can’t do absolutely nothing but according to them when I get those days then tuff count it as a day off eh !!!!!!!!! Are they on serious drugs or somat, another thing I have depression and have got that bad I’ve tried taking my life but according to them I’m fit and fine so basically just snap out of it and pull myself together, 

the results they have given me yet again like last time I had to go to court and yet again the time it takes goes on and on and my last court case I completely won, so yet again it looks like I go to to hopefully manage to get to court without my whole illnesss and I will definitely win again believe me, but it’s all the <moderator removed profanity> hassle going over it all yet again, I’m getting <moderator removed profanity> right off with all this , you should see the scores they have given me it’s a <moderator removed profanity> joke


  • dekingtut
    dekingtut Member Posts: 5 Listener
    edited April 2021
    With the scores they have given me how the god damn way have they decided to score me nothing cause the doctors won’t give me pain killers cause I’m likely to overdose on them so won’t prescribe me any so I got to buy them anyway but they scored me nothing cause I’m not prescribed them eh <moderator removed profanity> !!!!!!!!!!!
  • dekingtut
    dekingtut Member Posts: 5 Listener
    edited April 2021
    Oh and I have complete bad memory loss as I was attacked getting hit in the head with a machete and split my scull open and damaged my brain and I can’t do much for memorising and understanding conversations I woke up in intensive care and just managed to stay alive but cause I was talking on the phone I’m fine ???????? Score nothing again <moderator removed profanity>, what are they on eh
  • janer1967
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    Hi there 

    Sorry to hear all you are going through and not scoring as many points as you expected 

    You do come across as very angry about this but please be mindful of intended language its OK to vent your frustration and lots of members have similar experiences 

    I would recommend you get some advice from welfare rights so they can help you with the appeal 

    I am sure others will offer their guidance too 
  • dekingtut
    dekingtut Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thanks, I’ve had this before and had to go to court and won it, my illnesses since then has got worse and the claim ran out of date and I had to renew it but this time the yet again scored me the lowest again, what is wrong with them I’m on the verge of taking my life as I suffer from this too and they have hightened it all
  • chiarieds
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    So sorry @dekingtut - I'm sorry if you don't want to hear, but a Health Care Professional just gives their opinion, rightly or wrongly. They do not have to agree with what you've said, but offer their own opinion. I'm sorry, I feel that completing PIP forms is quite awful, but it has to be done......how can we support you?
  • dekingtut
    dekingtut Member Posts: 5 Listener
  • Cher_Inactive
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    Scope community team

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    Hi @dekingtut and welcome to our community.  It's great to meet you and I'm sorry it's under the circumstances that your initial PIP decision has gone against you.  If you need any support with your mandatory reconsideration (MR) please let us know and I can assure you, we all empathise with it being a trying and, sometimes, upsetting process :(

    Some of your comments around taking your life caused us concern and I'm going to email you further about this to see if we can offer help.  In the mean-time, I wanted to encourage you to speak to your GP about it if you haven't already and also direct you in the way of some mental health organisations who you could contact anytime of the day to speak about it more.  These are:
    And also, it goes without saying, that should you ever have troubling thoughts that you might harm yourself, to call 999 and ask for an ambulance immediately.  

    Although I understand you were writing from a place of being upset and frustrated, I've removed some profanities from your posts as these aren't allowed on our community - please see our online community guidelines.  

    I've also moved your post to our PIP, DLA and AA discussion category, which you might like to browse to read about others experiences and get tips about how they approached the MR.  

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.
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