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Social anxiety

Recently, i've been getting really low, for maybe an hour or two and then it goes away again.
Also I've realised that I still can't go near groups of teenagers without feeling fear. That's what got me down last time.
Anyone got experience with social anxiety around certian people?
Also I have just joined a community group and don't know whether to tell them about my dyspraxia. I'm almost embarressed by it. I don't even like saying the word.
I have it really mildly, but enough for it to make me different, so I feel like a fraud telling people. I know it's weird, and I just want some reassurance about it.


  • OverlyAnxious
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    I think getting low for short periods is fairly normal for most people.  If you're getting low enough to be in danger, then it may be worth seeking help for either short term coping mechanisms, or possibly medication to help stabilise your mood.

    I'm finding it really difficult to go out even for a short walk around the block now schools have gone back.  Just so many kids everywhere and it seems to cover an hour or more in the morning and afternoon.  Trouble is, it seems to coincide exactly with the times when my physical issues are at their lowest during the day, and when I would previously have attempted to go out.  Not sure what to suggest other than keep trying in small amounts...but importantly not pushing yourself so far that it becomes even more of a negative experience.

    As for the dyspraxia - it's not something I have any experience with.  I would ask yourself whether it'll make any difference within the group...  If not, then there's really no need to tell anyone.  I only tell people about my issues when it'll affect them, and even then only the specific parts that will.  I still feel like a fraud having to label myself as 'disabled' (usually for a quick reference as to why I can't do something in a short email) despite barely being able to do anything at the moment, I don't think that's an uncommon feeling.  :)
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    Hi @Awesomelorenzo It's nice to see you about on the community, I hope you've been keeping well :)

    You've had some great advice from @OverlyAnxious and I can definitely relate to feeling anxious around certain groups of people.  Often, it can be that the fear of doing something is worse than actually doing it so it might be useful to start gently exposing yourself to that what scares you; believe me, I know this is easier said than done so do this tentatively :)  If you find groups of teenagers particularly daunting, maybe look for opportunities to go near, or walk past, just one teenager or a couple of them together.  By doing this you'll be able to confront those fears that something bad might happen and be presented with tangible evidence that in all likelihood it won't.  

    If you think you might benefit from more help with your social anxiety, you can also visit this NHS webpage through which you can refer yourself to a NHS psychological therapies service.  

    Also, sharing that you have dyspraxia with others is definitely a personal choice and one that you should be comfortable with, and not feel forced into.  There is no stigma attached to having an impairment and if you feel it would help others better understand you, then think it through and go with what feels right.  Just because you have mild dyspraxia, doesn't mean it doesn't affect you, so you have every right to share it if you choose! 

    Take care and I hope to speak again soon. 
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