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Study project on future aids

DesignSKDesignSK Member Posts: 1 Listener
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Hello everybody!  

My name is Sandra and I'm currently studying product design at the media Akademie Hochschule in Stuttgart in Germany. As part of a course, we're looking at future aids that could make life easier for visually impaired and blind people. We have already developed some ideas and it would be very helpful if you could give us a feedback about their usefulness.


1. quiz box:

The quiz box next to a small box to which a USB input and four buttons are attached, each with a letter from A to D, there are different figures and shapes that represent different themes. For example, there is a turtle. If it is connected to the box via the USB, first a short story about the turtle is told. Then questions are asked about the story with possible answers marked A, B, C and D. The listener can choose the appropriate answer by using the keys.


2. sodoku:

The Sudoku should consist of a small box, which has 4 x 4 fields. These fields are variable in height. Each of these heights represents one of the numbers from 1 to 4. The Sudoku can be solved by adjusting the heights of the individual fields. Different templates can be used to set different Sudokus at the start of the game.


3. tactile calendar/ tactile book:

With the help of the tangible calendar or book, different materials and shapes should be tangible. In the calendar, there are 12 pictures that match the respective months and are made of different materials. In addition, the dates are shown on the sheets. The book is also designed in this way. According to the theme of the book, different materials and shapes are also used here.


4. razor

The aim of the newly designed razor is to provide the user with good guidance of the razor with the fingertips while shaving. Therefore, the shaving handle should be relatively short, so that it lies optimally in the palm of the hand and during shaving fingertips can simultaneously run along the leg.


5. plant container with tactile filling indicator as watering aid:

Plants are important for people and for a good and healthy indoor climate. The idea is to enable blind and visually impaired people to feel when the flower needs to be watered very easily and without much technical effort, namely manually from the outside.


6. modular organizer system for desk (overlying attachment):

Almost similar to a cutting board in the kitchen, this attachment is to be placed on the desk, with the only difference that it extends vertically over the entire surface. The top should have integrated recesses/inner recesses in which, for example, pens, documents or other auxiliary materials can be placed without the possibility of these falling down with the arms during an application.


7. finger glove for enabling PIN entry on touch screen card readers:

This idea is a sensor glove, which is pulled only over the index finger. The closure is located at the wrist and is easy to close. The sensor glove is connected to a corresponding headset. If you now run your finger over the display, the sensor recognizes the corresponding numbers (0 to 9) as well as the other usual input functions of the PIN device. This information is transmitted as voice output via the headphones and enables the user to tap the correct number. Typing is possible directly with the glove.


8. tacker with insertion aid: 

The tacker should have an integrated insertion aid, similar to what is common in a hole punch, which enables the correct insertion of the paper. The tacker should have a corner shape that allows easy insertion of the paper corner. In addition, an elongated, extendable guide aid is integrated - as with a hole punch, in order to insert the various DIN sizes correctly.


We also would be very happy to receive other suggestions or ideas for improvement from you! 


Thank you very much, your Sandra


  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Posts: 3,404

    Scope community team

    Hello @DesignSK and welcome to our community.

    Thank you for thinking of our members in conjunction with your design ideas.  Am I right in thinking that you aren't collecting any data from our members but will be using comments anonymously to inform your study?

    If it is the case you'll be using any member details, please email the online community team at [email protected] so we can run through a few questions and verify these will be handled securely :)

    Good luck and please let us know any final outcomes.
    Online Community Co-ordinator

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  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Posts: 3,404

    Scope community team

    Hi everyone,

    Just to confirm, this research opportunity has been checked and is verified as safe.  No personal details will be collated and your opinions will be used anonymously to inform the future of the study :)

    Good luck @DesignSK

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