P60u not recieved yet ??how long ?,

fraser2907 Community member Posts: 7 Listener
awaiting my p60u I have contacted them sent letters contacted them online heard nothing iam on my esa benefit and I urgently need this for my file very frustration I recieved last years in April....I missed there call and contact them by phone I'm losing a winning battle....how long will it take or is it down to the pandemic when will I recieve it.....please can anyone help..... is-anyone having the same problems 



  • MarkM88
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    They say you should receive it by 31st May. 
  • woodbine
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    As I replied to the same question last week, I have already had mine but I have known them be as late as June even in normal times.
    @fraser2907 why do you need this so urgently it won't tell you anything you don't already know ???