Codein phosphate

universal credit.

Any options here?


  • Cher_Alumni
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    @boristheblonde Hello and I hope you're enjoying this lovely weather we're having.

    I'm not sure what your message means, do you need help with your UC claim?  Are you currently in receipt of LCW or LCWRA?

    If you can give us a bit more information, we'll do our best to help :)
  • boristheblonde
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    Hi thanks sorry for delay have multiple questions ongoing health/support related.

    my line of enquiry was relating to medication and ability to perform work whilst under the influence of said medication.

    I had tried gabapentin previously but had withdrawal symptoms worse than smoking heroin.

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    Hi @boristheblonde - as you probably realise, your GP is in the best position to advise what medication, if any, would help. Speaking on a personal note, & having read a lot about Gabapentin, & it's precursor Pregabalin, I would just say this. I couldn't get away with Gabapentin, as it made me feel so drowsy, yet find Pregabalin helpful in dampening down my pain. The good thing about Pregabalin is that you need a much lower dosage to get the same amount of pain relief compared to Gabapentin, so fewer side effects, etc. Perhaps this might be worth discussing with your GP.