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Help with heating available but what about air conditioning?

basil_brush Member Posts: 2 Listener
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Hi there. I have fibromyalgia and almost certainly Asperger's (on waiting list for that) so I spend almost all my time at home indoors. Currently I'm wilting in 27C temperature and have both a dehumidifier on and a 20" floor fan in the adjacent room to circulate the air and make it vaguely tolerable. The UK's humid climate only makes it feel worse and it is with resigned weariness that I know it's going to get worse and more oppressive over the next few months. Much as I adore the summer sunshine, bring on the wonderful autumn please!

I live in privately rented property and so far this year I've received letters from two different organisations saying that with my conditions and with being supported by Universal Credit I could qualify for free central heating. While it is very kind of people to create such schemes, frankly I'd rather have free air conditioning as that would boost my quality of life more than heating - and besides, heat pumps are highly efficient and can do both jobs. The people who come up with these schemes seem to think we all live in the coldest parts of the UK. There doesn't seem to be much thought put into which technology choice is optimal for someone's individual case and what people need most in different parts of the UK.

I can't drive so I don't have the transport to travel 100-150 miles to snap up an opportunity of someone selling a good quality second-hand unit at a bargain price, and they are so heavy people will rarely post them. So I'm kinda stuck with standard retail options.

So I'm wondering, is there anything for disabled people to help them with the costs of installing or purchasing a heat pump or air conditioner? Thanks!



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