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Post lockdown holiday

mocharl0657 Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited June 6 in Coffee lounge
So I find myself in sunny Suffolk with my little dog exploring the locale around Hadleigh, a small historic market town. The Covid-19 trauma has largely been lifted and I feel more relaxed and happy than I have for over a year.
I have had both Covid shots and somehow feel safer and hopefull for a brighter future. 
Life is good and will get better for those of us fortunate enough to have come through this pandemic relatively unscathed, and my heart, prayers and sincere condolences go out to all those not so lucky as I. 


  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,256 Disability Gamechanger
    It looks like the final lifting of restrictions in England due on 21/06 could now be pushed back a couple of weeks due to the upswing in cases caused Delta variant.
    I think those of us who have had both doses of the vaccine are starting to feel safer, but I must admit that we are still being careful, still having shopping delivered, still not going out unless we have to, and have scrapped all our holiday plans for this year.
    But we have been lucky those of us who have come through this unscathed, others have not been so lucky.
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  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Posts: 4,584 Disability Gamechanger
    We have a long way to go yet with the corona virus 
  • cat_hug
    cat_hug Member Posts: 146 Pioneering
    I think that for the first timr in well over a year, the lights at the end of the tunnel are NOT lights from an oncoming train.
    However  for those of us who have survived the pandemic thus far and have managed to either not get the virus. Or lived through it and survived to tell the tale, there are probably greater numbers still. Who have not fared so well due to the 'nuclear fallout ' that Covid has left in its wake.
    Right at the start of first lockdown, I was scheduled to have two surgeries. One of those was a cardio procedure.
    Both were cancelled pending further information. I was fortunate enough to get called for my heart op in October. Six months later which was done at a private hospital.
    However, I was pretty ill in March of this year and spent a part of that month in hospital.
    Whilst they were not able to get to the cause of the problem as to my needing to be hospitalised, follow up sppointments and investigations have been painful slow.
    I understand the cause and affect the pandemic has had on the medical resources worldwide, but do wonder at how many lives have or will be lost, simply by virtue of the fact that people are unable to access health care services. Particularly people with suspected cancers that have been left in a medical hiatus and therefore, didn't get the intervention they would have and ended up terminally I'll as a result?
    Or other medical issues that had to be left unattended because resources were directed to Covid treatment and prevention. 
    So whilst in many ways, it seems like a return to normal (or whatever the new normal looks like), I believe the dominoes will be falling for the long haul as we play catch up.

    I just hope and pray that governments put lives above economy and aren't too hasty in easing restrictions, in order to get the economy back up and running.

    I also hope and pray that we as individuals, take responsibility for looking out for each other and continue to maintain sensible practices to safeguard everybody.

    I hope our memory isn't short term. That whilst we sigh a collective sigh of relief and enjoy past freedoms, we take pause and remember how quickly lives and those freedoms can be taken away.

    I probably sound like an Eyore but am cautiously optimistic for the future, but do believe it would remiss to ease up too quickly.

    Let's be  thankful for the fact we are still here, when so many are not.

    There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. It has been heartening to see people pull together in the face of dreadful adversity.  Every day is a blessing.

    I hope that everyone is alright and send my love to all and best wishes for whatever the future brings. Xx
  • Dragonslayer
    Dragonslayer Community Co-Production Group Posts: 1,523 Pioneering
    The pandemic was a surprise to everyone. Who could believe it would be so bad? and spread around the globe. It is tough getting my head around how many will have died worldwide and we may never get the correct figure. It is also hard to think of all those that have died in this country alone and sadly still are.
    Scientists say it happens once in a generation, or century and that is even too much.
    It frightening to even think it could have come from a lab, by mistake, or otherwise. Who knows what is locked up in these labs? worldwide.
    I think the final date of lifting lockdown on the 21st will be put back a couple of weeks at least.   

    We are still ordering grocery's online and have only ventured out locally for short periods. We will be going on holiday to Cornwall soon and I expect it to be very busy. At the moment we are not too concerned, we both have had two jabs. It will also be a test of my being able to get around. First holiday in two years and first time using my walker for any length of time. 
    I sometimes wonder what normal was. A great deal of people's lives' will have changed in many different ways, not just because of the virus,

  • cat_hug
    cat_hug Member Posts: 146 Pioneering
    @Dragonslayer I hope you can look forward to your holiday and enjoy the break away. Hopefully your new walker be fine for you too.

    It IS scary how quickly the virus became a pandemic. I know I certainly never expected to live through one in my lifetime.

    The last pandemic was The Spanish influenza in 1918 (which actually started in the U.S. in Kansas) It spread rapidly with increased movement of soldiers being deployed to Europe when the US became involved in the first World War.

    It killed around 50 million people globally, but its believed that as many as 500 million people were infected with the virus (a third of the world's population)

    We've technically had more recent pandemics, ie Avian flu, swine flu, but these fortunately haven't been do catastrophic.

    They managed to sequence the entire genome of the 1918  H1N1 virus, in 2005.

    A new variant of that emerged in 2009 (H1N1)  which was declared a pandemic.

    Scientists have been able to produce a vaccination which if I understand correctly, can be modified to provide protection for variants of these viruses.

    Organisations like CDC and World Health Organisation, have been monitoring virus outbreaks and responses to deal with pandemics, but the Covid 19 virus , nobody saw that coming.

    We've had Corona viruses in the past. The common cold is apparently a corona virus.

    I think we can take heart in knowing that medical and scientific bodies around the globe, have been studying these viruses and adopting strategies to deal with them, throughout the decades.

    DNA technology definitely affords the scientific and medical communities a better chance at isolating  these variants and finding vaccinations to safeguard people.
    Sorry, I've rambled on a bit there. Anyway, egg heads aside, basic common sense (although at times , doesn't seem that common) is key to safeguarding local and global communities.  Hygiene, frequent hand washing, sneezing away from other people, etc. These are measures you can apply without needing a Nobel prize for scientific discovery.

    I really think the world could be doing a lot more though, especially in providing aid to poorer countries.

    If places like India are suffering through lack of resources and not being able to afford to care for their poor, we can't just ignore that and take the attitude of 'I'm alright Jack's, or, ad I've heard some people pious spout about charity beginning at home etc,. The government's of more developed countries, such as ours and the U.S., have a responsibility to help poorer countries to provide vaccinations and resources etc.

    Covid 19 doesn't care if you're a wealthy Texan oil baron, British royalty, or a living in a slum in Mumbai.

    The world is home and everybody in it has a right to live in it and basic human rights.

    Unless we look out for everybody, local or otherwise, we'll still be counting our losses and suffering the fallout for a long time yet.

    Anyway, here endeth the sermon on the mount. I'll put my soap box away lol . Sorry for rambling... xx
  • m_burrell82
    m_burrell82 Member Posts: 104 Pioneering
    Hoping we will be able to get back to Board Game meetups and stuff from 21st June. They say it might be two weeks longer though. What I have realised, that would get us to Monday 5th July . Biden said the the States should be normal by 4th July. well, Monday 5th July would be a Independence Day Holiday, so we could all join with the States on celebrating the end of Covid on that day. Let's hope things still open up on 21st June, though, so we can celebrate the whole of that time.
  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Posts: 4,584 Disability Gamechanger
    I think we have learnt alot though  that there is alot of things we tske for granted  

    When we  are locked down we can see the things we realy missed  hope fully we wont be locked down again 


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