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Hi, I'm COSMICCORI! How can I register with a new dentist? Are they allowed to refuse to see people?

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Hi i have body dismorphia,and aggraphobia.My dentist wont see me because i missed a few oppointments.My wisdom teeth were meant to be taken out because there impacted.An my dentist said 3 years ago its dangerous leaving them in.Unfortunately i tried to see my dentist last year and they wont treat or see me.I was making a good effort to get there and actually get my teeth sorted.On my form when i joined the dentist i wrote aggraphobia anxiety and phobia of dentist.Are they allowed to refuse to see me even though they know about my mental health? I have crohns deseise and now gallstones.Im meant to of had my wisdom teeth out ten years ago so the consultant for my crohns deseise can maybe take me off of azathioprine tablets which ive been taking over 20 years now.Can my G.P refer me to the hospital to remove my 4 wisdom teeth top and bottom wisdom teeth?I  have had problem with my ears getting blocked with wax for 2 years now Which i never had before.My dentist when i had one told me my wisdom teeth are that bad it could cause problem with your ears and can be dangerous if left.I really want to see a dentist but haven't one.How do i get treatment and also i have gum deseise my bottom teeth now have receeded gums with gaps between my teeth.This teeth problem has added to this body dismorphia i have had most of my life.Can anyone tell me how i get a dentist please.Im desperate and really want to make a big effort to always attend a dentist oppointments in future.I am frustrated with myself for being the person i am.Any advice is welcome.Im getting evicted too because i Couldn't have workmen in our rented house because they need to rewire the entire house.So got 6 months to find another home.Im on e.S.A benefit am nhs patient for crohns deseise and live with my partner and my 19 yr old daughter destiny.Im 46 yrs old.Is there anyone on this planet out there like me?Have a happy cosmic day.


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    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble seeing your dentist.  They wouldn't be allowed to refuse treatment on the basis of someone having mental health conditions, and it's perhaps more likely that you've been de-registered due to not having attended for some years.  I'd recommend giving them a call to clarify exactly what's happened.

    If you need to, you can use this NHS webpage to find a new dentist and if you struggle to find a surgery accepting new patients, contact NHS England's Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233 for advice.  Whilst in the interim, I'd recommend contacting your GP to ask what they suggest about your wisdom teeth.

    Is your agoraphobia something you're getting help with?  It sounds like it's significantly impacting your daily life and again, this is something I'd encourage you to discuss with your GP.  Have you ever had counselling or talking therapy?  If you want to refer yourself to the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service to explore these options, you can do this via the hyperlink above :)

    Also, I'm sorry you're getting evicted too.  Have you started looking for somewhere new to live?  Shelter have an excellent team trained in all things housing if you need expert advice on the next steps.

    Please let us know how you get on and wishing you all the best.

    Just to let you know, I've moved your thread to our Healthy Living category and amended the title.  Although I know your post straddles 2 topics, we can always change the category again in the future if necessary.  Take care. 
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    Hi thanks for all the info.Yes I hadn't been to an oppointment for 2 years,The crohns was extremely bad then and I feel I'll and run down a lot plus having to get my makeup done for a certain time isn't easy and if I didn't think it was covering my face right I'd wash it off and start again but by then I'm late for that oppointment.I remember not having any phone credit so I couldn't cancel that important oppointment.My own fault.The aggraphobia is a symptom of body dismorphia if I can't live with my face obviously it's causing problems going outside in public.It's something I've had most of my life and got worse over the years as now I've got crohns so I never exactly feel good on the inside or what you call healthy with a zest for life.The aggraphobia started when I was about 16 or 17 yrs old.First pannik attack was at 15 and I was petrified thought I'd die and then the doctor said what it was.He suggested yoga.Well I never did that.I tried to see a councillor but she wanted me to walk to her work place which I didn't get because that's the problem ,I'd get symptoms just touching the front door knob in the block of flats.So I gave up seeing her.only saw her once.plus she said I had to go to her on my own! .I never knew there was such a thing called body dismorphia until I saw 3 YouTube videos about 6 years ago.I thought omg I'm all 3 of those people.Apparently it's rare or was rare to get that extreme.I've always felt the way I do and coped with it my way.I never told my doctor especially when I was a teenager because I knew it would sound warped and vain so I never bothered saying the whole story.I'm a private person and deal with my emotions myself I hate to be analysed too.It's only about 5 years ago I was forced into telling my problems to e.s.a benefit because they wanted me to work.I had to get evidence etc and doctors notes .They asssed me and realised I wasn't making it up.also I have crohns which prevents me working too.I'm on here because I'm curious to see if there's anyone like me out there in the cosmos.I haven't got councilling because they can't help me.if I can't see passed my face and appearance problems then no one else can.I had to see a councillor because of e..s.a to prove my problems but when I spoke to the councillors and filled a questionaree in they said they don't deal with bdd because I'm too extreme case.I was glad because I didn't want to see a stranger and tell all my ins and outs.I may however need to get referred to a pcyciatrist because PIP may need more proof about bdd ocd and aggraphobia.I was offered cbt therapy but turned it down because I know it won't work on me.I know my own mind there's no way that will help me cope with this.It's just unlucky and I'll just plod on as I've been doing all my life.Luckily life ends one day for everyone so it's never for eternity.I'm sure eventually we all end up in a better place unlike earth,
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    Hi @COSMICCORI :) 

    I just wanted to check in to see how you're getting on with things. I know you mentioned in your above comment about the difficulty of arranging a dentist appointment and I wondered if you had seen a dentist recently at all? I can imagine the thought of going to the dentist is quite overwhelming, but I hope you've managed to find a new dentist that can help and support you :) 

    How are you feeling in yourself? I know you mentioned above that you experience agoraphobia and I wondered if you had spoken to a professional about this? I'm aware that you might think people can't help how you're feeling, but therapy and counselling can be really effective for some individuals and sometimes it's just about taking a leap of faith and exploring that avenue :)

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can help you with, as we are here to support you at Scope.
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