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Have a club foot, perimenopausal symptoms, and osteoarthritis. Going to look for a better job

jessica2000 Member Posts: 5 Listener
edited June 2021 in Work and employment
So I work in retail have worked for the same company for 28 years haven’t been sick before have got a disability but it does define me,
I was born with club foot but at the age of 47 peri menopause hit like truck and I started having cluster migraines which started making fall over and that started me having anxiety with open spaces so getting to work or crossing roads was a problem so started having time off here and there at work I got that under control, then my best friend died of cancer, I’m still going to work and holding the family together and supporting my friends, then the virus hit I got floughed april until June which was good couldn’t wait to get back to work I was feeling good, but when I went back my left hip started hurting really badly so had I checked out found out it was on set osteoarthritis lasted at work until I clasped in October and couldn’t go on any more walking became dangerous to me I didn’t feel safe I have to walk with a frame now I have a operation in July.

work I went sick in October last year took 28 weeks pay sick
I had grieve counselling 
lots of drs appointments 
and then my manager suggested that I should a career break off the record so I could save my job the catch is I don’t get payed I still get all my benefits 
I feel now as I’m coming out the other side of this and I’m thinking more clearly life is to short and your just a number when I’m better think I’m gonna find a better job.




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