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em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
Morning  All
Sincerely hope your all well 
I've not slept, as  ive got my 1st CBT session today,  and very Anxious  !
So, my main concern is my PIP Report. I have not had a decision as yet, but I asked for a copy.

I did have someone answer, very kindly, but then I forgot to add to my question.
So, just to add, on Report, the Capita Nurse, has ticked every Description box, A
Then written underneath,  reasons why. Shes written what I said on questionnaire, and then her version.

Also, rt at the end of the report, 
She's ticked NA box for Mobility likely to remain for.

Ticked box, based on evidence I consider  there to be no requirement, 
to arrange a review of this claim, as significant change is unlikely 

No review would be appropriate 

Lastly, shes ticked box for 
The claimant has a mental or cognitive impairment, and may need help in future claims
Sorry everyone, but needed to be as clear as possible. If anyone has experienced the same. 
I'd be grateful of any advice please 
Thanks In advance 


  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,173 Pioneering
    I am not clear what advice you are asking for.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
    I'm just trying to find out, why she ticked all A descriptor boxes, and why no review date ? Thank you 
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
    It comes across as she doesn't think, I have a claim. Unless I'm over thinking it. Sorry,  I have GAD 
  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,173 Pioneering
    edited June 16
    I can’t recall what the A descriptor boxes are.

    I think no review means that she is recommending that any award is an ongoing award.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
    Sorry, the A box, means, can do unaided. But In report, she's put I need support, in certain areas. Very confusing  ! Apologies if I came across bit abruptly, I  just really anxious at moment 
  • atlas47atlas47 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi @em444

    Good morning.

    I have had a look at all of your posts, to try and get a better understanding of your situation.

    You report you have physical issues due to musculoskeletal problems and mental health difficulties.

    In deed you have your first session of CBT today, I am sure you will find it of great value.

    You have recently undertaken a WCA assessment and as a result you were deemed to have Limited Capability for Work Related Activity (LCWRA).

    This would not fit with your PIP assessment report and not being awarded any points for each activity.  By way of example if the assessor has observed that you need assistance in an activity, that would lead to points being awarded.

    Have you got someone to assist you in reviewing the assessment report, particular the last few pages, which sets out in detail, the points awarded for each descriptor.

    You also mention that you have been notified that you have been given an on going award, which will be reviewed in 10 years. This means you have been awarded PIP, as there would be no need to review a non award, I hope this makes sense.

    You also flagged that the assessor ticked the box, to inform the DWP should be aware that you will need assistance in future dealings with them, because of Connective Impairment.

    This is a very supportive gesture by the assessor, who rightly identifies you as requiring future assistance.

    Let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

    Best wishes
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
    Good Morning 

    Thank you for taking the time, to reply in such detail. I appreciate that very much.

    The only thing I still have difficulty with, Is where you mention. I have been notified,  that I have been accepted given an On going Award. 
    I haven't had a decision as yet, It was because of what she had ticked, and written. No review etc
    I wasn't absolutely sure, of what It meant. 
    Please forgive me for sounding abrupt at all, I've no Idea how these are awarded.
    Obviously,  I will have to wait for a result, I just feel so anxious.
    If its a No, thats ok, I'll try and appeal.

    Thanks again, for your help. Very kind
  • atlas47atlas47 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi @em444

    Don’t worry, we all understand that going through the PIP process, causes stress and worries.

    We have all been there at one time or another.

    The ongoing award, will be made from the assessor’s report, by a DM at the DWP.

    You have been recommended for an award, it’s taking about eight weeks to get the award letter out, keep an eye on your bank account, more often than not, money goes in before you receive the Award letter.

    Let us know how you get on with your CBT session.

    Best wishes
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 30 Connected
    Right, bit clearer now, sorry, never been hood understanding it all ! 
    It doesn't go In at first
    when reading it.
    So thanks again for your help, and I'll let you know with cbt.

    Kind Regards Em 
  • Cher_ScopeCher_Scope Posts: 4,011

    Scope community team

    @em444 Hello there, I just wanted to wish you lots of luck for your CBT appointment.  I hope you find it therapeutic and helpful in giving you coping strategies to better deal with your anxiety. 

    If you have any more PIP-related questions, or need help after you get your decision letter, then just give us a shout  :)

    Take care and hope to speak again soon.
    Online Community Co-ordinator

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