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Will I still receive the LCWRA component if I'm also getting SSP?

lmcarthurlmcarthur Member Posts: 12 Listener
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Hi have just been awarded lcwra from universal credit , my first fit note was back in February and since then I have been off work and receiving ssp, my work have agreed I am no longer fit for work and are going to pay me up till September my ssp for the full 28 weeks , my question is will I still receive lcwra component if I am still receiving ssp 


  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,217 Pioneering
    edited June 16
    lmcarthur said:
    ... my question is will I still receive lcwra component if I am still receiving ssp 
    Yes (unless you have a partner already getting LCWRA). The LCWRA increases your maximum UC amount. The SSP is taken into account as earnings in the normal way. If you were not already getting one having LCWRA will mean that you now also have a Work Allowance which means that the first £293 of earnings (if your claim includes a housing element) or £515 (if it does not) will be ignored. If the higher WA applies it would actually mean that all the SSP is ignored if those are the only earnings.

    If you were not previously getting a WA (which you will not have been unless you have children on the claim or a partner with LCW/LCWRA) then you should ask UC to recalculate your previous payments from February to now include the WA. This should result in you being owed arrears.
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