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Starting WCA process all over again because of incorrect name on DWP communication.

freshwaterlilly Member Posts: 36 Listener
edited June 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
I waited months to eventually get a UC50 form sent to me 
I have filled it in sent it back with nothing but problems even finding out if they got it
after all that they have received it contacted my doctor and asked for a medical report my doctor rung me only to be told they cannot give a medical report as my name is wrong this is really unbelievable I have never used my 
x married name on all letters from DWP has been in my correct name for some reason only known to the DWP they decided to use my married name 
no medical report
i phoned the DWP as usual waiting over 45 minutes to get through they said they couldn’t help and I was given another number to call and you guessed it they couldn’t help either told to ring the helpline again
i spoke to a very nice gentleman he helped me to send the correct information to the right department 
now I am being told I’ve got to do a whole new claim even though this is their fault
they have a completed UC50 form with all my personal documents and details in front of them but they will not 
use it 
I’ve gone online today and made a complaint they don’t read your journal they don’t care that this makes you condition worse they do not care about the stress this causes 
they just don’t listen I’ve asked they send me back my UC50 form and my personal letters they have just ignored 
me I just feel they have not intention of looking at my claim and this is overwhelming me and no one cares
i am so sorry for this email but I needed to just put this down 



  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,338 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    I'm sorry to hear about all the mess up with your claim 

    Have you asked your work coach if they can help in anyway 

    Also suggest speaking to welfare rights 

    Don't worry about venting your frustration in here we are always happy to listen and help where we can 

    Let us know how it works out 
  • freshwaterlilly
    freshwaterlilly Member Posts: 36 Listener
    the my work coach really doesn’t read what I write she seems to answer but she doesn’t answer my concerns or questions 
    I ve made the complaint that will lead to nothing I guess
    welfare rights?
    can you tell me what that is please as loads of different websites come up when I put it in a search 
    thank you for your help
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,338 Disability Gamechanger
    If you go to advice local and put in your post code it will list any advice centres near you

    Have you tried speaking to work coach rather than message
  • freshwaterlilly
    freshwaterlilly Member Posts: 36 Listener
    ive made the complaint online I’ve also now contacted PIP to see if I can get any help from them
    i just feel so helpless I can’t go out for my anxiety and panic attacks have become worse partly to do with my x and definitely worst because of all the stress that is has put on me
    to be honest I don’t know why I even tried the DWP don’t help people who really need help
    and I’ve now been told that all this is really pointless because when I get my state pension in October anything I did manage to get will be taken away 
    us waspi women have really been screwed by the system 
    I did what you suggested months ago this is what started me on this journey my work coach just 
    Is not listening 
    thanks for replying much appreciated 
  • Cher_Inactive
    Cher_Inactive Posts: 4,400 Scope online community team
    Hi @freshwaterlilly

    I'm sorry the process hasn't gone smoothly so far, that sounds really frustrating.  Just so I can better understand, what name did you use on your UC50 form?  And, what does your doctor have you registered as?  Please don't share your full name as to protect your identity, more-so is one your maiden name and the other your married name?  

    Here's a link to the Advice Local website, mentioned by @janer1967

    Are you receiving any help with your panic attacks and anxiety?  It sounds like a stressful period, so if you haven't already, I'd recommend speaking with your GP about how you're currently feeling.

    Take care and fingers crossed for better luck here on in.  Also, just to let you know - I've tweaked the title of your thread to help others better understand what's happened  :)
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  • freshwaterlilly
    freshwaterlilly Member Posts: 36 Listener
    thanks so much for your reply
    i have never used my married name on any correspondence to the DWP my claim on my UC50 was the name I’ve always used I really have no idea why they decided to write to my doctor in my
    married name but either way it’s done it’s job as my claim will not even be looked at let alone assessed
    i know I did not use my married name on my UC50 form but I am being ignored by my work coach and the job centre asking for the form to be sent back to me along with letters from other professionals It’s overwhelming what they want from you and even when you do everything they 
    come up with this obstacle this is their doing not mine this is making my mental health worse they simply don’t care they are supposed to help people not make them feel more anxious and stressed 
    I suppose the complaints website is not looked at either
    my name at my doctors has always been the same I have never used my married name 
    I can honestly say the DWP will do anything to stop people claiming and it seems very little can be done


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