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ADHD diagnosis..Do you work…how do you manage?

CoffeeFirst Member Posts: 143 Pioneering
With a recent diagnosis of ADHD Inattentive type my adult daughter really wants a part time job.
The medication prescribed doesn’t help and I’m worried what she will be able to do work wise in the future.
Anyone out there who is going through/has been through this?


  • Lisatho11987777
    Lisatho11987777 Member Posts: 5,791 Disability Gamechanger
    One of my sons has adhd and has had it since he was young has your daughter tried talking therapy to train the brain??

    My son found the medication difficult but now does a mixture of medication and talking therapy and has managed to hold down a full time job for 4 years not saying its what your daughter should just asking if she has tried it 

    My son is 32 now when he is stressed or tired his adhd comes out more or if he is upset but he is doing well 

    Hope you can get help and support for your daughter maybe your gp can advise you that is the best person to ask as everybody is different ?
  • CoffeeFirst
    CoffeeFirst Member Posts: 143 Pioneering
    @lisathomas50, just yesterday she received a letter for therapy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’ll give it a try. As it’s face to face I think she will as she hates using the telephone or Skype. 
    Pleased to hear your son is doing well.
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 9,682 Scope online community team
    Hopefully the therapy will give her the skills to manage her ADHD a little more @CoffeeFirst :)

    Additude have some information and tips on managing ADHD in the workplace that could be worth a read. There are definitely techniques and strategies that can be used to enable someone with ADHD to reach their potential in a role. 

    It's worth remembering that ADHD can provide people with skills that can be really useful in some workplaces too. Have you encouraged your daughter to think about what sort of part-time work she might enjoy, and what her best skills and traits are? Focusing on the positives could also increase her self-esteem, which many people with ADHD unfortunately struggle with.
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  • Lisatho11987777
    Lisatho11987777 Member Posts: 5,791 Disability Gamechanger
    I found  with my son that if his hands are busy his mind is at rest and he values what  he has in life he does drive now as well thst took a whilst because of concentration the therapy my son had trained his brain I so hope that it helps your daughter  I think if your daughter can stick with it you will see a change 

    It doesn't happen over night  the brain is a funny thing let me know how things go 
  • CoffeeFirst
    CoffeeFirst Member Posts: 143 Pioneering
    @lisathomas50, the service was initially offered over the telephone but my daughter hates speaking over the phone so I was so relieved when they offered face to face. I just hope they are able to help her. It’s good your son can now drive, and yes the brain is a funny thing as we are finding. It’s just all so new to us too.
  • Lisatho11987777
    Lisatho11987777 Member Posts: 5,791 Disability Gamechanger
    @CoffeeFirst hopefuly uour daughter will see some improvement from the therapy I didn't think it would work for my son but as the old saying goes don't knock it until you try it and it won't be easy but I think its worth it in the end 

    I used to distract my son  when I could see that his adhd was showing itself it trains the brain to do something else if he was doing something wrong telling him off didn't help I used to distract him by saying come and help me  I have things to do but I need your help things like that 

    It's hard when it's new to you 


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