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Fibromyalgia or Spinal stenosis

scorpiogirl Member Posts: 1 Listener

I have been complaining of pains in my legs for a few years now maybe longer. I remember having physiotherapy for  shoulder pain I had. Then was asked if I felt better and said no. So she said maybe it's your spine. The doctors always said to me it's the lack of vitamin d.
But I work in retail and the pain in my legs hot and my arms hurt my right side is bad. My current doctor said I have muscle weakness on that side.
I feel much worse now because I become extremely tired each day like I have not slept. Pain in legs and arms worse. 
My hand just hurts and I do have the odd times I get a bit of energy but just try carrying on. Right arm swollen. 
My doctor thinks I could have fibromyalgia after said I am struggling tired all the time.
My memory has got so bad with things and I do sometimes lay in bed a lot.
I did try do excercises but felt sick so stopped. I did try pushing myself to do excercises.
I can't sit high on a chair feel my fingers feeling funny as I type. Tingling, pin and needle.
I just would appreciate if someone could advise on both conditions please.


  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 7,487 Scope online community team
    Hello @scorpiogirl

    Welcome to the community, glad you've joined us and I hope you are doing okay this Monday morning.

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling at the minute, it seems to me as though you just want some answers and you aren't exactly getting them at the moment. 

    I have no personal experience of these myself, but I know many of our members do so I would advise having a browse of the community and I'm sure yyou'll see others who have shared their experiences.

    I have found this Fibromyalgia self-care guide from the NHS which you might see as useful, same goes for FMA UK, the national charity for the condition.

    I'm not sure what resources I could point you in the direction of for spinal stenosis, as mentioned previously I would perhaps browse the community to find others with lived experience. Alternatively, I'm sure there will be Facebook groups of people who have knowledge of the subject.
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • dave392
    dave392 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    @scorpiogirl I have cervical myelopathy with mealomalcia and loss lodordosis which is degeneration in neck spine crushing spinal chord and c spine bending the wrong way .like you I have exactly the pains you described down right side and weakness in muscles and pins and needles,if I move my neck my whole body feels like I’ve been tazored mine was found on mri during my throat cancer treatment I had been complaining of neck back and leg pain for over 10 years with no joy from gp if it wasn’t for my ent/cancer surgeon it would never have been found until too late . I would ask your gp to either refer you to spinal specialist or at least order X-ray/mri fingers crossed you find the help you need 
  • Faith2008
    Faith2008 Member Posts: 17 Listener
    Hi, I have fibromyalgia and I have very little mobility as my spin really hurts when standing or walking the pain feels like bone rubbing on bone. I get the pains everywhere but I have the same as you it sounds. I don’t know anything about fibromyalgia or anything else but I was once very active and today I mostly only sleep and am only awake while I have to work and as soon as I’m not I’m asleep recovering for the day. I’m sorry your going through this. 


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