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Pip telephone assessment finally. Should I be worried about the assessment? Scared I'll forget stuff

xjamesxxjamesx Member Posts: 18 Listener
edited June 29 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi, I applied for pip on 18th of January, also sent 30 page report which was conducted at my home address by an ex dla/pip assessor, supplied by ot which doctors sorted, aids for around the house, including wheelchair for getting out and about, crutches for light movement around the house, toilet seats, higher chairs, to sit at places to rest as can only manage to move very slowly between rooms then have to sit down for awhile before continuing where I have to go, bath board ect which is all included in the report, should I be worried about the assesment? Scared ill forget something or mind will go blank during the phone call. But they have all the up to date and recent report I sent over which was conducted at the end of January after I requested pip form and sent it back and they received it on the 4th of Feb.


  • xjamesxxjamesx Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Pip assessment is monday 12th July 
  • MrsSamMrsSam Member Posts: 16 Connected
    Hi, that is such a long time for you to wait.  I thought my claim was taking a long time.  I applied on the 28th January, they processed the 'how your disability effects you' form on the 15th March and my telephone assessment was on the 10th June.  I am waiting for the decision to be made, I do hope this part of the process doesn't take too long, for me and for you.  Good luck with your assessment.
  • effie678effie678 Member Posts: 12 Connected
    edited July 15
    I applied for pip on the 28th January and had my assessment today 15th July. Will have to wait 8 weeks to find out if its successful.
  • xjamesxxjamesx Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Hi, @effie678 mine went verywell on Monday 12th July, I've just got to wait upto 8 weeks now to find out, but I think it went as good as it could have and she was very understanding and very knowledgeable about my conditions and very understanding with everything I was saying, hope your assessment went good and fingers crossed, please update with outcome.
  • effie678effie678 Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Hi xjamesx
    I felt the assessment went well and the lady was very nice. I might not feel the same way depending on the result. Good luck with yours, keep use informed
  • MrsSamMrsSam Member Posts: 16 Connected
    @effie678 and @xjamesx when I had my telephone appointment I thought it went well, and it did indeed. I asked for a copy of the report a week later and the decision when it was made was exactly the same as the report. You may find asking for a copy puts your mind at rest, it is very detailed and the recommended number of points is on there. Hope all goes well!
  • AnxietyPlusAnxietyPlus Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I sent off my reassessment forms with as much as I sent originally, working on the premise that the person reading does not know anything about you.

    A few weeks later I got a call from an 0300 number, I don't usually pick up. I did and it was a woman from DWP, PIP.

    We chatted for 31 minutes, she was lovely and knowledgeable of my conditions! Really it was like having a chat with a friend.  I asked would I still qualify and she said yes! (from my understanding she's not supposed to).  She told me a letter of her decision would be with me in 2 weeks. One week later it arrived.....not only was I entitled to full amount of both, she has extended it until 2027, and to possibly expect another review in 2026.  Thrilled was an understatement.

    So I would say to anyone try not to worry, these people are not all horrible.....be genuine, say it as it is.....if you're emotional, let it out.......that's what I did.

    She ended the call with "take great care"...........Good luck to everyone waiting. I know it isn't nice and makes your conditions worse, but when a positive result comes through it will be worth the effort of form filling, and endless photocopies of everything. Proof of posting and signed is worth the extra. The Post Office charge the difference in price of the return envelope and the cost of posting First Class.

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