Cerebral Palsy
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Hi, my name is Bob_! I suspect the problems in my left leg could be undiagnosed CP

Bob_Bob_ Member Posts: 5 Listener
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I'm new here.  At 58 y/o, I'm looking around, reading up on support: 
I suspect life-long problems I've had with my left leg could be undiagnosed CP.  I'm willing to find out, having stumbled on or up pavements no less than five times yesterday :).  I suspect people think I'm drunk. 


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,043 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community Feel free to join in or ask any questions 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 4,959

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    Welcome to the community @bob_ :) Thanks for joining. 

    I'm sorry to hear about your stumbles. Have you started off the process by going to visit your GP? Or taken any other steps?

    Please do feel free to take a look around the community, and let us know if you need anything. You can view all of our categories of discussion here. In particular, you may be interested in our category dedicated to discussions on cerebral palsy.
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  • Bob_Bob_ Member Posts: 5 Listener
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    Thanks, Teri.  I tried the GP route over the severe tendonitis this Feb when it was really bad, and was met by a) terrible lack of knowledge of something relatively common - she had to look up how to assess it :o ; b) severe attitude problem - incredibly dismissive, i.e. 'take ibuprofen' for some [undefined] time.  I knew more than she did.  It's not like I go to the doc often.  I'd rather pursue other routes for diagnosis - if they exist.  All ideas welcome. Please keep them coming.  And thanks again, Teri.
  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 4,097

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    Hello @bob_ and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear your GP wasn't very helpful in that situation, you could always ask for a referral to a new GP in the hope that they can be of greater help to you?
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  • Bob_Bob_ Member Posts: 5 Listener
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    Thank you, Ross.  Suggestion appreciated.
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,077 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Bob_ - welcome to the community, & thank you for joining. I'm sorry about your GP.....one of the best consultants I ever met said, 'I don't know, but I will find out,' but that was over a far more complex issue. To have a GP with such a lack of understanding, & then being dismissive certainly doesn't seem good at all. As Ross suggests, try another GP, one willing to listen to your concerns. Also our Cerebral Palsy Specialist Information Officer may be able to help with appropriate advice with voicing these concerns to a GP. Please @Richard_Scope would you advise here, thank you.
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,829

    Scope community team

    Hi @Bob_
    The first place you should go for a diagnosis is your G.P. You are entitled to a second opinion.

    Have you ever seen your medical records at all? That would also provide you with some good insight.

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  • Golden12Golden12 Member Posts: 12 Connected
    hi bob I went to my GP first then was prescribed Pain medication for year I think then last resort was the G.P 😲referred me to the Rhemotolgy at the local hospital, I then had a MRI X-ray this confirmed I had a prolapsed disk, so had a weak left leg as the pain was radiating down leg   tnormally sort itself but mine was far gone  but mine took years then my  health deterated to other health issues Years went by not knowing until 2012 I was dignosed with MS Thank God 🙏 at least i'm here main thing ,no one can tell you but this is what i think take care god bless.
  • Bob_Bob_ Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you to everyone who's replied.  I've now had a couple of goes at trying to get an appointment with my GP, but after they were so dismissive of my very painful tendonitis in February (arms, hands, legs), not sure whether it'll go anywhere.  Any further comments, suggestions, and own experiences welcome.
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