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Hi. I am really confused and so is my wife.

I receive full PIP, and my wife who normally works part time looks after me. Without her I do not know what I would do and to be honest, her not working due to COVID has been a blessing to me. She does most things for me

My wife is ten years older than me and she will be 65 in four months time. She has COPD and has done for some years now. She aslo has Arthritis in the thumbs. a nurse said she may have arthritis in her knees but this has not been confirm as she does not want to bother the doctor and the nurse has said that it would take a long time to find out due to covid and the backlog. She was in self-isolation due to being vunerable but has not returned back to work due to suffering from stress and axiety due to covid.

Her doctor has put her in contact with a counsillor and now this other organisation has got involved. They have said that she should be claiming PIP, but my wife explained that she did apply for PIP around six years ago and received no points. She also explained to them that she cares for me and she does everything, so she cannot see PIP saying we will award you. This new organisation does not think she should return back to work.

It kills me watching her each day struggle to look after me. She does everything and I feel lazy to be honest. When i do try and do things i end up in a load of pain. I have come back from the surgeon today and told him how bad I feel, and they have said they understand but i cannot risk doing anything as it will make me worse as well as put me in pain for days. My wife really struggles doing things, but she grits and bares it and does things. My daughter also helps.

My wife explained to this organisation that why would PIP award her anything when she is an unofficial carer and she does everything around the house. They have told her that they will fill the form in for her, but she has said that she has seen my form and there is nothing on that form that would be beneficial to her.

They have also said that they want to look at her taking early retirement on health grounds. She does not understand what they mean. As far as we are aware you cannot get your pension any earlier.

Can anyone please offer me advice please so my wife can read it. She does not want to waste time filling in a PIP form when she will not be awarded anything


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    Hi and welcome to the community 

    Ill health retirement can be taken at any age allowed by the pension provider however it is hard to qualify as it means someone is no longer able to work 

    This all is related to private or company pension 

    You can't get state pension early 

    You can claim pip and care for someone but its all about ability to do the task in the descriptors 

    It may be worth referring yourselves for a care needs assessment on gov website as you may be eligible for outside care 

    Does your wife claim carers allowance for caring for you she may not be eligible if she is working but worth finding out 
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    For PIP I suggest you read the following so you can understand the PIP scoring. Very important to read it all including everything under Additional Information.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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    It's perfectly possible for a couple to both claim PIP, but always remember that PIP is not awarded for the illness/condition but for the care and/or mobility issues that arise from them. It won't do any harm for the "charity" to help with filling in the form.
    Does she have a private or works pension that she could cash in that would cover the sixteen months before she gets state pension?

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    If she has been earning more than £120/week for the last few years she will be eligible for SSP from her employer if she goes off sick or for new style ESA if she stops work on grounds of ill health supported by a Fit Note.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.