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Disabled bathroom/ home improvement grants

LouRoots8LouRoots8 Member Posts: 12 Connected
I’m mostly in a wheelchair, I have severe breathing issues, a stroke, neurological issues, muscle issues, movement disorders. A entire list of things. 

My health has rapidly been declining. I’ve been using the wheelchair since my stroke in jan. the reasons are multiple. 

I need a access ramp in and out my home. 
Grab rails 
my living room door widened. 
Bathroom . I live in a council place for 12years. I’m in my early 30s. The bathroom hasn’t been touched since the 50s. 

my bathroom is unsafe, I have fallen, it floods. I can’t get to the toilet to sink. 

It took 5 months to get an OT assessment after a stroke and brain haemorrhage. I have pretty much every illness possible. I have something wrong with every organ and system. 

Anyway OT comes says she can only stay 10 mins due to covid. 

Doesn’t assess any of my needs. Doesn’t even know what health issues I have. 

I said I wanted a walk in bath. She said no. She said they don’t provide that. I explained that I needed that for my pain, that there was no point giving me a wet room when it doesn’t meet my needs. I use baths to cope with pain. I also find it a way to help cope emotionally. She said it was the guidelines. I asked to see the guidelines. I had already researched them. She was either lying or just unaware of the policies. The OT was unaware of her role. 

I explained as an OT she should be assessing what my need is. Not what is financially viable. 

2 months later I get a call. Saying I can’t have a walk in bath. Apparently it’s not practical for the council. I explained that it wasn’t about what is practical for them but what my needs are. 

I keep going around with services. I have had multiple falls. 

How can I get a decent OT assessment with all of needs taken into consideration? 

If I had a OT assessment then even if the budget the council offers doesn’t cover it all I can approach charities. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? 

Has anyone got a walk in bath tub? 
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