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PIP refused 6 points daily living

laurakins Community member Posts: 3 Listener
edited July 2021 in PIP, DLA, and AA

I am in the middle of gathering evidence for MR. I feel I am entitled to standard daily living. I only scored 6 points for this. Phone assessment was used in my case. I am challenging this because the report has made many wrong assumptions or not put the information I stated. I was undiagnosed at the time, now I have been. I know its not the diagnosis but the affects on daily life before anyone states this...but all of my issues now have a cause and can be recognised by specialists. The report made me sound like I hadn't had any referrals, tests or investigations. This is untrue. I have therefore added these just to prove this point. My fibro affects me everyday. I scored 6 points but am challenging 3 descriptors as they were considered and then not awarded or not awarded correctly. The evidence backs up this but was ignored or not captured correctly. I have gone into more detail in my letter and tried to explain it as clear as I can. 

I should have scored a point for needing prompting to take meds. ( I have daily alarms, write it on a notice board and my fiance reminds me majority of time sometimes everyday) without this I would forget due to brain fog and memory issues from my fibromyalgia. The descriptor says if you need this its 1 point. It even says in the report I have alarms and have someone to remind me, but doesn't say majority of time like I stated in my form and assessment over the phone.

I scored 2 for bathing and washing - I actually should have got 3 for this as not only do I have an aid handle but my fiance has to help me in and out almost every time as I feel too unsteady. Again It is majority of times, I have someone to help me in and out as well as an aid. I don't know why I was only scored 2 instead of 3 as its a combination of both. 

I scored 0 for dressing and undressing. I stated that I need help majority of time due to pain bending down to tie laces or put on socks as a result I have to wear slip ons if I cannot have this help or too much pain. My fiance helps me do this. I feel I should have scored 2 here, I am even looking at getting some kind of aid to help me do this alone. Again it says considered but not given. It states only occasionally but this isn't the case at all this happens around 4 times a week when needing help. They used 4 times a week as majority in another element when not awarding me so this is a contradiction. 

My point is I should have scored enough for me to be awarded pip. I wondered if anyone had a similar outcome and had it over turned by just a couple of points at MR? I am so frustrated. They score me 6 but then seem to think oh no she is close to an award and go back to contradict themselves and make me sound like I am not in need.

Any advice welcome. I am sending in a GP letter just to prove the problems, my own letter explaining my difficulties relating to the descriptors, two statements from people who help me (family/friend) explaining how they help and also my referrals and appts at hospital. I am doing so as they state I had no input or medical referrals.


  • Ross_Alumni
    Ross_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @laurakins

    Sorry to hear your claim didn't go as you wanted, but it seems as though you're very much on top of things with the MR. Just ensure you clearly explain why you should have received those points, and perhaps give examples of what happens when you try and do some of those activities without assistance from another person or an aid.

    Good luck :) 
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • Lsecrets
    Lsecrets Community member Posts: 21 Listener
    did you appeal this and what was the outcome please?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 52,229 Disability Gamechanger
    Lsecrets said:
    did you appeal this and what was the outcome please?

    This thread is more than 2 year sold and the member hasn't been active in all that time so you may not receive a reply. Tribunal stats providing you either appear in person or have a telephone/video hearing are about 68% in your favour.

    MR stats are much lower at about 23% in the claimants favour.
    I would appreciate it if members wouldn't tag me please. I have all notifcations turned off and wouldn't want a member thinking i'm being rude by not replying.
    If i see a question that i know the answer to i will try my best to help.


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