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I've just had a new diagnosis and new sicknote. Do I need to inform Uc / pip/ iidb?

boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
edited July 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
so so I’ve been in a long battle for the above benefits 
iidb tribunal adjourned yesterday again.
pip is in payment low rate both(maybe should be high rate mobility).
Uc lcw was awarded by tribunal 2 months ago still no reply from dwp(did apply for sor possibly delaying)

ive just had a diagnosis and new sicknote given for fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue/ multiple joint pain.
I think it’s been going on since I fell from a ladder in 2017 which I was compensated by my employers insurer.
do I need to inform uc/pip/iidb?


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi there 

    You can report a change in circumstances but would only suggest you do so after getting expert advice 
    .also only if it significantly changes your functionality to complete the tasks 

    Reporting a change will start the whole assessment process off again 
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    A would it be classed as a change if it’s deemed it’s not really a new condition, more of a late diagnosis?
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener

    So fibromyalgia your saying is unrelated to my fall from height?

    I wouldn’t have said it was new condition more like it came about months after my fall just a late diagnosis.

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    I do not receive iidb.

    It may impact IIDB but that could be positive or negative.
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Whilst I do not currently receive iidb, I have I think been placed in lcw group if so maybe it’s worth informing of this discovery and possibility of being placed in the lcwra group. And possibly the low rate pip I get would have amounted to high so maybe it’s worth changing circumstances with pip, I can’t see why it would be lost all together unless I had another bad hcp assessor like I have done in the past.
    maybe j should wait on the results from my recent referral to see a reumatologist.
    thanks for the input btw.
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Evidence of impact I take it this is down to medical professionals supporting this?
    and if they don’t where do you go from there or that be the end of the line?
    does anything I say have a impact on the decision?
    medical evidence is there but it is only that being:
    injury described by orthopaedic consultant from medical legal claim directly referencing injury sustained yet not finalised, then nhs ankle/knee consultants not really suppprting suggesting I already had these problem prior to injury, adding insult 
    annoyed is an understatement!
    couldn’t believe it when the ankle consultant laughed  & suggested i had these problems prior to work injury or that it was incidental from diagnostic scans
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    So who helps with this if medical professional do not see the following,
    if I could walk on average 12to15k steps per day at work symptom free and after an injury 2k steps causes significant pain (with strong medications) to force non weight bearing. 
    Is that not a deteriation which now is more like a couple of hundred steps.
    is the burden of proof on my anecdotal evidence? Close family members? Or consultants/gp?

    as some say I apparently have no evidence…
    . I’d say this is evidence that’s relevant but. No doubt I’m incorrect or have ignored advice or have nothing nada zip and that my solution is to get a citizens advice rep onboard….. who will undoubtedly have multiple cases and my ability to communicate verbally is somewhat inadequate 

  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,734 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2021
    Hi @boristheblonde

    I've merged the new thread you posted as it appears to be on the same lines as this existing one, and for ease of replying/having a whole picture it makes sense for all information to be in one place.  

    You mention that you struggle to communicate verbally and this is one barrier to accessing the welfare advice you need.  Have you tried searching for an organisation close to you via the Advice Local website?  If you email an organisation to explain your communication difficulties, then the provision of email support could be explored.  How do you feel about that?
    Online Community Co-ordinator

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    Concerned about another member's safety or wellbeing? Flag your concerns with us.
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    It’s all good advice, I’ve had nothing but good advice.
    I find this Mike guy fascinating and agree with most of statements. 
    I’ve had some support from advice local.
    But they only take ppl on with new forms.
    iidb seems to me you need legal advice 
    Have found no one supports iidb claims…,

    blunt should be your middle name Mike that’s just how I perceive some of your comments helpful non the less and I appreciate your time.


  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    2000 steps was 8 days after my injuries or the undiagnosed ones when I returned to work.
     Months later without resolving diagnostic scans revealed knee meniscus damage & OA and 2 years later another diagnostic scan revealed a fracture which an ankle specialist from legal claim linked, yet when I seen an Nhs ankle specialist he stated it’s just a bruise like what you see on an apple and lost of ppl have them & that it’s incidental due to other symptoms (I should have argued at the time that symptoms were not ) yet here I am 2 damaged knees & ankles yet medical reports only reference one leg I’m adamant it’s both.
    My symptoms are stiffness sharp pain/aching instability in these weight bearing joints which worsens with the instability or inflammation or prolonged use without some serious physio/ weight loss now accompanied by weakness these symptoms are exacerbated with use.
    at least now that I’ve been backheeled from knee & ankle surgeons with suggestions will make me worse if I even have anthrscopy due to all three knee compartments joint space narrowing, I will see a reumatologist maybe I can get somewhere with all my other problems not included in the injury’s sustained or undiagnosed injuries 
    whiplash neck pain sustained in works van, long term lower back pain, or more recently developing hand pain

    are the mobilising criteria’s of pip or lcw distances only considered on flat ground and straight lines without turns ?

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