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reporting capital to ESA but results in me without home?

aliam23 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Start by saying hi hope you are well reading this im 28 and looking at my rights or chance that I can hold on to my views and protect myself and my inheritance. I want time to decide how to live with it before i have to pay up so they distribute it and decide themselves how to spend it.
I would actually like to pass on the inheritance to my final family eventually but apparently theres rules against that if im claiming,
if im exempt from council tax for having no income living alone etc...whats the thinking behind stopping my esa and making me feel better about it by charging me rent? I have been overthinking about the maths of it that ive had to look at how to escape and become a tax exile in europe
they saying i need to pay for my tenancy that i had last 3 years, for the next 5 until i have no capital and then ill be able to claim everything at square one. Sure they would make profit and not admit thats theyre point to me but the way its approached or applied seems miscalculated or uncalled for in fact the personal capital it shouldnt even be brought up for discussion by housing. ITs the opposite of savings but unfortunely its viewed of that by the authority. 

looking for extra direction or advice after im overthinking and arranging meetings and calls finding every little bit of info around my rights and what im entitled to personally and at high risk now of being home less for the first time! very scary
While im seenby NHS as having severe mentally disorderly due to both a condition and learning disability I am suddenly expected to report and give up my DWP income doing this alone today (now ive mutually discharged from meds and care help) and being told off for 'not reporting asap once i got the amount on the 7th july' even though i got it evening and tried to call dwp every other day between scrambling around this mess and dead end im in. they are so rude and often the reason why their claimants and applicants feel the way they do.
they're phone line is misleading and they give numbers directing to other unused number.

Why does the 16k law for claimants mean the housing agreement changes with no questions? yes im aware tenancy changes but for fair rent amounts in charitable social housing orgs I dont see how it relates any way - how can they change the rules based on my bank account statement that had once in a lifetime change in a lump sum and without any thinking about my security or health or housing situation for the foreseeable?
at my local council ive been told i need to start paying council tax its only tonight ive seen it stated online twice that living alone or when receiving pip youre exempt from the council tax. or atleast a 50%. my pip will be going forward my only income
lived alone in secure tenancy at social housing single flat since 3 and a half years while claiming 3 forms of benefit and doing what I can in voluntary work and my space, of course paying energy bills every time and liking it enough. I would argue that my esa shouldve been reviewed this past year and i would have agreed to get less  but i'm not prepared for stepping into the unknown the authorities are basically to subtract everything from me claiming that a bank balance change mean i have overnight a good standard of mobillity, access to a workplace, the ability to manage my mental health and the income to pay my rent and many extra costs.
at this moment i feel the voicemails left by housing are particularly standing out as sniffing around indicating now theyre aware I have money they suddenly require rent and after having a 'change of circumstance' im being outnumbered by the authorities and its like theyre working improperly between local and the proceeding of how its all carried out is generalized and im worse off for it instantly im powerless.
 because if im not careful and act by showing my vulnerability I will basically give in to injustice and be violated improperly.
hope you can help


  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 6,359 Disability Gamechanger
    The law excludes anyone with more than £16,000 being entitled to means tested benefits. People who have capital over £16,000 are expected to use their capital to support their living expenses.

    PIP is not affected because it is not means tested.

    If any of your ESA is contribution based that will not be affected either.

    None of this is a ‘violation’ of you. It is simply what the relevant laws state and affects anybody in a similar situation equally.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.


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