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Hi, my name is AndrewKeithSmith!

Hi to ALL
our passion is to offer support for any one who has the desire to be assisted with their daily life. We believe that social inclusion should be available to everyone.
One area we have more recently been looking into is the availability of playground equipment that can be accessed by people in a wheel chair I was present when a care member was  discussing this in a school environment and shares the comment from a small girl in a wheel chair " why cant I go on the slide like all the other children!"
Heartmoving..... so if anyone would like to discuss, we would love to hear from you.


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    @AndrewKeithSmith hi and welcome to scope when you say "we" who is or who are "we" ?
    Be extra nice to new members.
  • Tori_Scope
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    Welcome to the community @AndrewKeithSmith :) Ensuring that playground equipment is accessible is definitely a worthy cause. What kind of work are you doing to look into this problem? 
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  • Duninn
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    @AndrewKeithSmith - hi Andrew and welcome on board.  Pushing for accessible play, park furniture in my area has been successful - off course being a Councillor, an active member of Environmental Scrutiny Panel - which is where these things are discussed, being a Trustee for Salford Disability Forum and an active member of Access 2 All Areas and wheelchair user helped to be heard!  It’s sometimes hard to say no to a wheelchair if that’s all you see, I’ve found!  Our Parks, play areas and furniture are in the proceeds of being updated and replaced where needed as we speak. It is worth getting these things on the map!  Most Authorities look to have green Flag Awards but disability criteria is missing or diluted - so I would encourage people to organise themselves to get access to these criteria and redefine to include disability needs where and as required.  In our area we have ‘Friends of Parks’ are getting these up, active for reviewing and implementing change is something that was needed.
  • Duninn
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    If you are thinking of getting something up, I’d be happy to be involved in any way you feel it would be helpful


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