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Hi, my name is Masada

Masada Member Posts: 4 Listener
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          My Mri. shows narrowing radiating disk possibly bulging disk  what some doctors tell me is unclear I've suffered with the following conditions since 2017 I used to be able to run do all sorts of exercise and more so one day in 2017 something hit  me while I was doing pushups i couldn't get off the ground I laid their and had my GF go get a massage ball under my right side lower back after an hour I get up and walk   i could just talk i was fully not able to move but what ever it is that hits me fully on my right side  By the way this happens often  I look healthy okay and just collapse  or sit in ergonomic chair and i cant get up im just locked in the sitting position my left leg and left arm can move I can twist my neck my right arm moves a bit can only raise it chest level any higher nope    first some times ill feel a shiver or a bit vibration or tremor in the right side of my brain.

       Then a not good sensation goes all the way from my brain stem down to my tail bone going all the way down my right leg to my toes where I'm  numb in the right side then  i loose feeling and sensation in my  whole  right side  completely and collapse the like I'm paralyzed but in my foot it is like pins and Needell sensation then they say have   sciatica I believe there's more going on My first gp is a guy like all gps ignores back problems or doesn't believe your symptoms and as time moves forward you just get worse then your health and body starts to degenerate , then obesity kicks in cause your life's been taken away from you slowly cause eventually you loose work and here comes homeless ness   by procrastinated health care or specialists and Gps that don't listen or take you serious enough to check you out and and do proper referrals then when you get to your specialist they say some times you look healthy  to me or oops times up and do no tests or simply nothing.

In early 2007 I was diagnosed with seizures from head injury in a NH's hospital in 2011 their was a scan of my brain   right side it showed completely white so the neurologist says that and acts like he doesn't know what his looking at and then tells me did my mom drop me on my head when i was a baby I just stood their  in silence  I learned that really fast how nhs doctors and specialists make excuses to procrastinate health care and denie me and other people health care so when fore mentioned stuff happens 999 would never take me serious and send an ambulance to  get me off the floor now keep in mind I tie my phone on me with para cord theirs a lot more but to shorten things up on 10/08/2021 
I couldn't get up from chair And i dialed 999 young mail answered for the ambulance side.

      and I explained my symptoms the whole situation and was sent ambulance ambulance staff  entered at first they looked at me and said  loosing mobility is not an emergency  so i said dispatcher said it was so they put me on this device said they weren't allowed to pick me up so I pushed off with left arm and landed on the device and they hauled me out of here  then more negative drama at the hospital then I asked to be seen by a second doctor  and react team guy came and i finally said with a firm voice you really don't listen to the patient he went quite.

       And I said you need to listen to the patient  see at this current time I had enough of being overlooked and medically mistreated  now finally and supposedly physio is coming to the flat to assess and possibly start my therapy keep in mind this all coming  from hospital services not Gp   so every one ill keep you up dated but  i had to call my gp for mri referal  and pain care plan they weren't to pleased by the way i arrived back the hospital 2100  by ambulance and put back in my my flat in my chair cause i was still not able to walk now on the 12 th Aug 2021  slowly gaining back my mobility  yeah i walked a bit 
Well to all have a great day 
Kindest Regards


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 12,477 Disability Gamechanger
    edited August 2021
    Hello @Masada - & welcome to this online community. Thank you for sharing your experiences & insight; I'm sorry to read about how much you've gone through. Back pain is one of the most common issues that GPs see, yet it can have a myriad of possible causes. I've been there a bit; years of not finding the cause of my back pain, tho I have to say my GPs believed there was something going on, & did listen to me, just didn't know what 'it' was. I'm sorry that wasn't the case for yourself; a patient needs to be listened to, or how else can their Drs work out what's wrong with them?
    I hope things will now move forward for you, & that physio helps. Please do keep us all updated, thank you. My best wishes, Masada.
  • Masada
    Masada Member Posts: 4 Listener
        I went to same doctor but let me see  female colleague so basically  I'm choking in my sleep off and on  for 5 years getting up choking in the bathroom at between 2 am and  3 a my throat  build up pressure close my air way passage so basically I am having episode's of suffocation in my sleep    and the  the only way I could breath  by the  blood and gooey saliva coming out of my mouth   so after a while i was   sent to Ent  They in Ent Assigned me a speech therapist to reduce the pressure in my throat the only thing she did is make things worse   which I knew this was the wrong course of treatment...

           so they kept me their for a long while my symptoms worsened one  day I had  a nurse appointment for some thing small she said how's your sleep apnea treatment going  I said what are you talking about she said I was referred we then found out the doctor procrastinating  my health had canceled all referrals for me to be treated any where  they just had me hidden with the speech therapist now the nurse found all this out and was angry and said that's unacceptable see this nurse only rotated to that clinic from some where else cause of the epidemic. 

           So in 5  days I received a letter to attend sleep studies at the the sleep clinic I then was quickly diagnosed with severe sleep apnea  when I lay on my back I will eventually suffocate to death so It took 5 years and an angry nurse what she did to make sure I received the right treatment  so now i have a sleep machine and slowly getting better and the sleep clinic cant believe how I managed to live this long without treatment easy my GF trying to assist me to breath      you want to  know why I knew about good and bad speech therapists   here is a little secret I'm a method actor and when I do  voice work for film and commercials  my voice coach is  rated number one speech therapist  and voice coach internationally and world wide.

     So  in short In the near future I want do a civil law suit against these three doctors for medical negligence  and one nurse that I didn't mention  
         people on the law and private medical advice referred to them concluded These Gps continue their ill and  unorthodox d methods    negligence  towards me  I will Die sooner then expected due to Nhs And Gp due medical Negligence towards me and other patients...

              in short Chiarieds Thank you for your appreciated kindness   very nice and Caring message and response!!!!!!!  

         Kindest Regards, every one        



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