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Hi, my name is shelljenner!

shelljenner Member Posts: 1 Listener
Im bipolar for 21 years with insomnia, panic and anxiety attacks, where I sweat so badly, I can wash my hair as I getting it dry the sweating start, by the time it dry with in a minute my hair is wet with the sweat, my hole body is the same, I find it hard to leave my house because of my sweats  winter times and cold days are whe worse time for me, since a fall 10 years on which I now in 24/7 pain in my back and nerve damage to my neck and shoulder, on which I'm on medication for, lately I'm finding hard to be at home and want to get back to work, my daughter 19 now and I've done alot of course over the years to try and back to work, I was worked in shop from 14 years old with different companies, I made why up to the the ladder management, now with my disables I don't know what kind of work I can do, only last week I called into a charity shop as their looking for staff, on speaking to the manager, I was told the job was unsuitable, I've applied to man phone for people who have mental health issues, I've tried for different jobs ill I get is you've not worked for along time, your health issues makes you not suit, I feel like I've had the stuffing kicked out of me, I'm lost to find a job to suit my needs or employer to understand my needs, can anyone give me some advice please 



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