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Anyone else having trouble accessing long covid clinicw?

gaz1960 Community member Posts: 275 Pioneering
Anyone else having trouble accessing what are classed as "long covid clinics" ?

Having spoken to a "coordinator"! A member of the 89 "taskforce's",set up with £10 million to combat long covid,who,actually, have no actual "clinics",but, "Assessment clinics",who are made up of people from physio,cardiology, psychologists, radiologists, etc,who Zoom  meetings, once a month, to discuss patients who are "referred" by GPs.Who then decide if you need such things as breathing techniques, or yoga exercises, or a low histamine diet! 
Then refer you back to your GP,as the "Taskforce " doesn't have the £10 million financial support,to support any treatment,which,according to the government, is xrays,of lungs,CT scans,MRI scans ,etc,to see any damage to lungs,etc,but any treatment,is the responsibility of your local GP! 

8 months,and going around in circles!

Spoke on phone to 13 different people,pillar to post! Back to GP!



  • cozyplants
    cozyplants Scope Member Posts: 43 Courageous
    I don't have any experience with long covid symptoms/diagnosis but it's unfortunately very common for it to take a long time to get a diagnosis and help for chronic illnesses. I became ill at 14 and I still have no answers at 17. My mum spent about 20yrs with no answers.

    My only advice would be to not give up. It's really tiring but you deserve help and support for your symptoms. Try not to let them beat you down. You are your own best advocate, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

    Wishing you all the best!! 
  • Lisatho11987777
    Lisatho11987777 Scope Member Posts: 5,911 Disability Gamechanger
    I have long covid I am due my chest xray next week I am haveing a 24hr heart trace on 2nd  September an mri scan on 4th September and then go from there gad blood tests done and liver and kidney scan 

    So see what happens when all is completed 


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