I'm struggling with secondary ageing. Anyone know how to disguise your nappys when out in public? — Scope | Disability forum
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I'm struggling with secondary ageing. Anyone know how to disguise your nappys when out in public?

ian27 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
edited August 2021 in Cerebral palsy
Hi, my name is Ian.  I have left side hemipligia from birth.   Im 47 years old now.   I am deperatly struggling with secondary ageing, sincw my late twenties.  i do not work i just try to exist.  pins needles numbness, enourmous pain just got to put up with it. severe fatigue as well   so mant tablets i take,from  baclofen dyhdrocodeine, gabapentin and now diazapan! great!!!   recently ive put weight on so it makes life more challenging even to walk around the house.  ive been having severe muscle contractions that last for hours, thats why i take diazapan, hopefully under reveiw on monday.

Drooling can be a problem as well making face sore.
Ive been in nappys since my mid thirtys, due to mobility worsening problems with my fingers just not getting there quick enough.
This has been getting worse for me now.  Ive found that with all the muscle relaxants im on, this just increases the problem.I have no chance. This brings me on to the fact that im so self concious if i have to leave the hose because im in full size nappys.  weight gain means ive out grown popper vest to give me more confidence.
Does any have or use different equipment or clothing to try to disguise your' in nappys' when out in public? i do use rubber pants over them to try and stop any embarrassing leaks. Im running out of ideas with this one.!!!
  if anybody needs any advice on my experiences do not hesitate to get in contact.

As for the cp condition ailment bingo, i think ive got the jackpot



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