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Maybe a good sign

roof127 Community member Posts: 6 Listener
edited August 2021 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi all I'm new here.

I recently had my PIP assessment and in all honesty I could have not been as lucky to get the assessor I did. She was a mental health nurse and was really on my side, almost re wording certain answers when I couldn't explain myself and asking more so I could get a better assessment. She also explained to me she didn't care what I was like today as what I am in an hour does not explain my full illness. Afterwards she had told me I am definitely getting something as she's making sure of it, it might not be what I'm entitled to as she's not 100% in charge of my claim but, to put my mind at ease she explained this to me.

She understood with my EUPD and seizures I would struggle massively for the next 8 weeks and in all honesty this one woman restored a little bit of faith into PIP. I am in no means gloating but I feel telling the positive is also as important as telling the negative. I have had friends with EUPD being asked shocking questions about very sensitive topics. I did find the assessment embarrassing as I'm basically telling someone I cannot shower, feed or clothe myself properly. 

Beforehand I had read a lot of horror stories. This gave me massive anxiety. But I'm still slightly anxious that I will still get nothing. I also have some tips for those with mental health if they should find it useful.
I went with a support worker. However, at the moment, you can't have someone from outside your household go with you. Luckily I live in supported accom so my support worker is here all week. Taking a support worker/ nurse felt a lot better for me as I find with family I hide my symptoms. 
I also got a taxi, if I need to I will force myself on public transport but seeing as I asked beforehand and it will be reimbursed I thought this was a better idea.
I made EVERYTHING black and white and threw away any coping mechanisms I had.
I did not go very well dressed, in fact I was in a dirty jumper, un brushed hair and joggers. This is what I wear most of the time with lack of motivation. I needed to show the assessor what I actually look like, not what I look like when I usually force myself outside.
I am lucky to have a lovely boyfriend and he wrote down everything he does for me beforehand like reminding me to take contraception, reminding me to wash, having to go shopping with me and helping with SH. It helped that the assessor knew I had to rely on someone to get me through the day.
Any hobby I had was gone, usually I can't pick up a paint brush or read a full page of a book. 
And finally I did not exaggerate my symptoms none of us do. But I think they're well versed in people fudging the truth. Just think of a 'normal' day with no coping mechanisms with every single symptom showing. 
I also rang up the day I got my letter and asked for a home/ telephone assessment, as much as I knew this was probably impossible I needed to let the assessor know and have it on record how difficult it was for me to come.

I really hope my experience helps, it would have not have been possible without my support system so I want to share it as much as possible!


  • Ross_Alumni
    Ross_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks for sharing @roof127

    It certainly is important to hear positive stories like this one and I'm glad that your assessment went well, the assessor sounds lovely. Fingers crossed for the outcome!
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Community member Posts: 3,127 Connected
    She should never of said you will “get something” though. That’s not her decision. She makes a recommendation only. It’s not her place to say. 
  • hughiemachrins
    hughiemachrins Community member Posts: 70 Courageous
    Just a wee warning, my assessor was very friendly. He was a guitarist as I was and he knows the area where I live. At the end of a very chatty assessment he said " I can't guarantee it as these folk blow with the wind but you have got plenty points to get it". When I got a copy of his report 10 days later, he had given me 6 points DL and 0 Mobility. Thankfully, I managed to get it changed by writing them a letter and ended up with 8 and 10. I am still rather annoyed at the assessor though!

  • roof127
    roof127 Community member Posts: 6 Listener
    Yes thankfully I know this and know the road isn't over yet until I have money in my bank. I didn't read too much into it as I said I'm still anxious it's over it just felt nice to have someone in my corner I have also got my report back with the points I expected. 

    I knew that her being friendly didn't really mean a lot it's about what she has written. I guess it was just a massive relief that I don't have the argue the assessment, which if I do not get anything in a couple weeks it's one less thing to fight against. I've heard of good experiences around my area for pip. The friends I was talking about all live where I used to. 

    I know I was extremely lucky as somehow I got LCWRA without even having to go for an assessment or anything I just filled in the form and my assessor used to work on the psychiatric ward I was on (we did not know each other). I just hope to God everything goes ok from now on! I know for a fact it won't be like that if I need it next time round sadly!
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