My brother is constantly ripping stuff up, and it's impacting all of us. I really need support — Scope | Disability forum
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My brother is constantly ripping stuff up, and it's impacting all of us. I really need support

kayleigh123 Member Posts: 1 Listener
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Hi guys.My brother is constantly ripping . He keeps destroying all of his clothes, all of the curtains  in the house. He still flushing stuff down the toilet to the point where it got blocked outside and I had to get national grid to unblock , my brother is putting stuff in bin bags secretly. We have destroyed mattress, bedding towels basically anything with strings. 

I don’t understand this behaviour, I have contacted the social worker who have not been supportive, I’ve contacted the doctors for help as this is having a massive financial impact on our household.All this is starting to emotionally affect myself, By no means am I being selfish I’m just very upset about everything as I cannot have anything as it gets destroyed. If anybody could please help me I would much appreciate it my brother lives with me full-time and I really need support,

I understand that this is must be a sensory thing. Is there any way to stop this? as every single day something else is ripped. If anybody could please give me some advice it would be much appreciated, As you can see I’m starting to get extremely upset about everything and I would never want to reduce my brother to the care system because of picking or Financial aspects, As it’s totally unfair I just need support and a better understanding.



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