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DWP won't respond to complaints

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Three months ago I complained to the DWP by phone, last month by recorded delivery and 3 weeks ago by email, every time I ring, which I have lost count of, I am fobbed off by the operator promising someone will call me back, they do not.
I am in receipt of PIP and have reached pension age and am entitled to Pension Credit which I applied for 5 months ago but it's as though I don't exist. I even tried firing off an email to ICE.
Can anyone advise what I should do? Sue them?


  • mikehughescq
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    Back to basics. You have not complained to DWP by phone. You have likely complained to an outsourced call centre tasked with fielding frequent queries with scripted answers. They don’t officially do call backs at all no matter what they say. A call back is something only DWP themselves do. 

    Any kind of special delivery is a waste of time as documents are signed for by the non DWP staff employed to open post and transfer it for scanning. Your post may show as received when it’s nowhere near the DWP. Finally which email address did you use? There are specific complaints ones, However, we’re still in a pandemic; lots of people are Ill or working from home and significant delays ought to be expected. ICE will not help you until you have exhausted the complaints process.

    Finally, why are you contacting DWP if this is about a Pension Credit claim. An entirely different route exists for PC. 
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    Then why is Pension Credit listed on the DWP webpage if the DWP doesn't deal with Pension Credit, then who does? If you wanted to offer some help then why not include this information?
    The Department of Work and Pensions is a misleading title then?
    Tbh I did get one callback, on the 26th July and was told I'd hear within a week. No I didn't.
    I got the complaints address from the operator and the email is one they contacted me over a previous complaint.

  • mikehughescq
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    If that’s the tone you use with DWP I am not surprised they’re not responding. 

    So, again, what’s the email address and have you been told that your claim to PC had been received?
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    And what tone is that may I ask? That's rich considering your condescending, dismissive and unhelpful response.
    How do you block people on here?
    Just joined and never shall darken this doorstep again. 

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