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will i get lcwra backdated please help

sgharu1979 Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited October 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
can anyone help made new claim for uc in dec 2018 previously on esa from 2011 to 2016, declared my sick note and illness in dec 2019 unfit to work after 3 months work coach called said we will post your medical questionere this week, never got anything then waited another 3 months same thing work coach said will call dwp and arrange medical assesment waited a year roughly all the while still providing sick notes,  had telephone assesment nov 2020 on the phone said dwp will contact me with outcome, waited 2 months and they said i have to have pysical assesment but we have cancelled them due to covid just have to wait, whilst waiting for 8 months and leaving loads of journal messages i said i have to do work of some kind, can't survive on standard allowance lasted 3 days trying to work with my condition and illness all the while providing constant medical evidence, they issued me new work coach who randomly decided to change my work comitments as actively looking for work, i complained and said im to ill and only tried work as i have been waiting so long for an outcome for lcwra, his response was if you don't comitt to them you won't be paid leaving me no choice, then they issued me work search interviews first interview i explained again my situation and he decided he made a mistake and said he will change them back, never heard from him since, so they changed my work coach again complained through journal all documented, requested to change my comitments with yet another new work coach, she said just wait you will have an assesment soon but you still have to attend work related interviews ??? finaly had another assesment on the phone sept 2021 and comittments changed rewarded lcwra, recieved letter in journal i will be paid lcwra on my next payment date and you will hear from us in the next 7 days if you are owed any backdated money its now been 10 days, so my question is will i be entitled to any backdated money and if so from when and how long does it take? opened claim dec 2018 reported illness with medical evidence  lcwra ap should start from march 2019 my assesment period is from the  5th to 4th of every month payment day is 11th of every month awarded lcwra sept 2021 can anyone please help god bless


  • sgharu1979
    sgharu1979 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    sorry made a mistake in the first line date should be dec 2018 declared illness and sick note all very stressfull
  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 3,778 Disability Gamechanger
    On the face of it you are correct that LCWRA should be paid from March 2019. You will have to wait to see what they say, if they don’t backdate it to then you can challenge the decision.
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  • sgharu1979
    sgharu1979 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    thank you calcotti that gives me some hope and waiting just under 3 years is a very long time which resulted in my condition getting worse at least from the outside looking in im in a good postion to challenge the decision much appreciated have a lovely day


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