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Preliminary Hearing Agenda

shellbell20 Community member Posts: 260 Pioneering
Hi Guys,

Just want a bit of a rant, but is it normal for solicitors to send a form for the agenda asking copious amounts of questions and then giving me less than 24 hours to fill it in?  I received the form a couple of hours ago, my anxiety got the better of me worrying about and I had to fill most of it out although not all as I was exhausted trying to do so. I don't understand why they think it's right to give me less than 24 hours. I emailed them back and requested they don't do this again and then I cced the tribunal as they had not and I thought the tribunal had a right to know what was going on.

I am kind of gobsmacked also they lied on their ET3, saying I failed accreditation when that was not the truth. Trying to get one of the companies dismissed from proceedings and then mentioning out of time when my timeline clearly says May and I filed an ET1 in June. Surely the judge sees past all of this?  Then they were waffling on about they don't expect something about much of an award and all that BS.  They also asked about my disability, but I didn't have the energy to fill that out. Will I be in trouble for not doing so, surely that's when they ask for a statement of my disability at a later date?  I am so clueless about the court proceedings it's not even funny. 

Sorry rant over, just had to vent!  Absolutely disgusting behaviours seem to continue from them. Apparently, my TL is going to be a witness, what is he going to say other than lie, because there is one thing I am doing, just telling the truth that's all I can do.


  • shellbell20
    shellbell20 Community member Posts: 260 Pioneering
    Hi @shellbell20 So sorry everything is so difficult for you. I cannot answer you question regarding your Solicitor but just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. Rant all you want it sometimes helps. Good luck 
    Thanks for the support, it's appreciated! The solicitors whom are representing the two companies are just doing their bidding and earning a substantial amount no doubt.  Trouble is, not only do I have Depression and Anxiety but I also suffer from vertigo and it seems to escalate when I am under severe stress, so concentrating on an ET1 or anything they want sends my dizzy spells into overdrive and I can't seem to concentrate on the finer details, nor proofread or such. It just makes me look like an incompetent fool or could be perceived as lying which I most certainly am not. I don't need to lie as I have so much evidence.  I am not sure I have bitten off more than I can chew, but if I don't see it through I am doing an injustice to everyone suffering a disability and every person who has ever been trodden over without a voice.  So I shall see it through to the end, whatever the outcome.  x
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