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Week of Action on Human Rights

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This week (Monday 10 - 17 October) has been the Week of Action on Human Rights, and you can read the below article in full over on the British Institute for Human Rights' website.

What is the Week of Action on Human Rights?

From 10-17 October 2021, the British Institute of Human Rights and other organisations including Amnesty International UKLiberty and Freedom from Torture are holding a Week of Action on Human Rights in the UK.

One of the key things they are asking people to do during this week of action is to show others how much we care about human rights. they want to ask MPs, the elected politicians who represent us, to protect our rights. 

Why is the Week of Action on Human Rights needed?

One of the reasons, amongst others which you can read over on the full article, is that:

The the Human Rights Act itself is being reviewed. This is the main law in the UK which protects our rights. Now the time has come for everyone to stand up and protect the Human Rights Act in return.

Visit Amnesty UK’s website for more information about the Week of Action on Human Rights 2021.

How can I get involved?

If you want to join the campaign by speaking to your MP, you can email Amnesty UK on [email protected]. You will need to tell them who your local MP is – if you don’t know who this is, you can enter your postcode here to find out.

They can help link you up with others in your area and provide template text for contacting your MP.

BIHR hosted a webinar on Monday 6 September to help people prepare for the Week of Action. they talked all about the Human Rights Act, how it works, how our rights are at risk right now, and how we can take action to protect our rights. You can watch this webinar here:

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