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occupational therapy assessment and moving

Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 437 Pioneering
Hi all
I wondered if anyone had any tips or experience.
I am in a housing association one bed flat on the first floor with a lift that is often out of order.
There is no room for a wheelchair and as a student studying remotely i have been offered ergonomic equipment like a desk and chair but have no room for them
i have also been going back and fourth between essex and london to visit my mum who provides all of my personal care, shopping, batch cooking, cleaning and is looking after my pets
social care say they cant help but have referred me for an OT assessment
I wondered what happens at one and if anyone can give me any tips
I have also contacted my local mp who is specialised in disability and have asked them to support me to be moved into a 2 bed ground floor flat so my mum can stay over a few times a week and care for me
i have also asked for a letter from my gp
the housing have turned me down so far and apparently my evidence needs to state exactly why i need an overnight carer which is what ive asked mp and gp to write but obviously i cant dictate what they write
i know there is a massive housing shortage so would happily move to private rented if i was supported with the cost of moving and paying the extra rent - have my local hosing allowance increased to the 2 bedroom rate
im a student on full pip and universal credit and struggling to find properties that accept dss anyway so its not easy

i have applied for discretionary housing payment for moving and paying for a 2 bedroom flat but have been turned down as they say i do not meet the criteria

i cannot walk and have not got room for a indoor wheelchair i am waitingg to be assessed for a outdoor wheelchair but have no room for it 

i have also seen that there is a charity called independenceathome.org that gives grants to people referred by social services, a doctor or housing and all three have said they cannot refer me and passed it to someone else i am completely isolated in my flat and have only been out by taxi and ambulance to hospital a few times in last year 

i also have bipolar disorder and sleep problems which can cause an episode made worse by nasty racist neighbours and an incident that happened a year ago when i was unwell. 

if anyone has any advice i welcome it thank you 



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