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For Daniel 2021

Angelaj7765 Member Posts: 5 Listener
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Hi Daniel I don't know of any free courses , however I am a member of a group called DailyOm , they do lots of spiritual courses .I have just looked to see if they have a writing course and they do , any of the courses that you do are not expensive -you have a choice of what you want to pay , there are 3 prices £12, £25 or £40 they expect people will pay what they can afford or what they feel is appropriate for the course . Is called 

A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self


The site does some fantastic courses


  • Daniel_2021
    Daniel_2021 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Hi @Angelaj7765 what a lovely thing for you to do! I'm really touched that you've posted that message.
    I've just been on the site and also read some reviews, for the money you can't go wrong.
    Aside from the financial cost I think because everything is all over the place with me at the moment learning more about myself and how to document it can only be a good thing. 
    I've been doing bits of writing but with no real structure so this fills that gap.
    Again thank you so much, it really is very kind.
  • Angelaj7765
    Angelaj7765 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    edited October 20
    Daniel 2021 
    Your welcome , I've done a couple of their courses. You can go at your own pace once you sign up , your courses will stay in your account so you can keep going back to them . It's a really good site because they put a lot of free stuff on their site too. I'm into spirituality and Tarot and Angels , so I love all of their horoscopes stuff,  things that are really informative , I love looking around the site, I love their emails too because they have links to things that interest me . Best wishes with your writing Daniel , you never know you may do a best seller 😊
  • Daniel_2021
    Daniel_2021 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    @Angelaj7765 haha I don't think i'm the next J.K Rowling put it that way.
    I'll be honest I have no experience of tarot cards etc. Although I do believe that loved ones come back when needed, be it in spirit, as an angel or another form I don't know. My wife believes in angels and has crystals to help with certain things, some may call it coincidence (I may slightly unsure at first) but i've seen them work time and again so my mind is certainly open to anything now.
    Oddly enough my wife mentioned something called Raki (forgive the spelling if it's wrong), my emotions are all over the place at the moment, I've been angry, wanted to self harm, cry and then go to being overly optimistic, sadly i've had many episodes in my life like this. She's had Raki in the past and said she saw lots of colours which represent certain things. Have you ever had it and do you think it works/would help me at the moment (just before we break any health advice rule etc. I'm interested in your opinion, I won't take it as health advice).
    Thanks so much again. You've also given me an idea for another discussion.
    Many thanks,


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