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Getting the courage to open up to the PIP people and filling in the form.

tazzy_956 Member Posts: 15 Listener
I'm new to PIP and I don't know what to expect. I tried to complete it last year but gave up because I didn't know what to write. Now looking back on it, it was a shame that stopped me from filling in the form, I didn't want to be honest about how my mental health condition affected me. It really scared that people would find out the truth about me. The only people who do know are my family and that's how I wanted it to stay but I was struggling and my family does not know how to help me. I'm desperate and really want some advice on how, to be honest with the jobcentre staff as I still feel a sense of extreme embarrassment about how I am and if I'm completely honest, I blame myself for it. How do I tell the truth without sounding like a complete idiot or desperate but tbh I think desperate is a good thing as I am desperate and I do need help. What do I do? 
Please and thank you :) 


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 11,079 Disability Gamechanger
    I think we all have some difficulty in describing how we are whatever our problems, but remember, it's not about your diagnosis/disability, but how this affects your daily life, etc. with regard to the different PIP activities/descriptors.
    Try & give a couple of recent, detailed examples for each applicable descriptor, i.e. when did it happen, what happened, why, did anyone see what happened, & if applicable, how did attempting/doing it make you feel afterwards?
    Also say if you can't do something 'reliably' that is can you do it safely, to an acceptable standard, repeat the activity as often as it would be normal to expect, or does it take you longer than someone without your disability?
    You will be assessed by a nurse, physio or paramedic, who will return their assessment to the DWP for a decision maker to look at all the evidence, including your claim form & any relevant medical info you may send. You'll then get sent a decision letter. None of this involves job centre staff, but rather health care professionals as far as the assessment goes, so nothing to feel embarrassed about. Just be completely honest. Hope some of this helps, & please do let us know if you have any questions. :)
  • coylygirl
    coylygirl Member Posts: 283 Pioneering
    Hi @tazzy_956, are you getting any professional support for your mental health condition?  It seems like you're really struggling and perhaps a good start would be to have a talk with your GP, if you haven't already.  S/he will be completely non-judgmental and will be able to signpost or refer you to the right support.  This will also help with your PIP claim as you will be able to provide evidence of your condition.  As for the forms, they deal with how your mental ill health affects you on a daily basis, not the condition itself, if you see what I mean.  I had major trouble trying to fill i the forms, not because I was ashamed, but because they are so difficult to complete.  I spoke to the Citizens' Advice Bureau and they were so helpful.  I would thoroughly recommend their assistance.  Hope this helps x
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 12,914 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community 

    I'm sorry you feel unable to complete the pip forms 

    You mentioned not wanting to open up to the job centre staff you don't deal with them when applying for pip but as explained above 

    Job centre get involved with work related benefits 

    I hope you get the help you need 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,675 Disability Gamechanger
    It's human nature that we try to be positive about ourselves, however that's not really what will help with PIP, you say that your family know about your problems could they help with filling in the PIP application?
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 7,842 Disability Gamechanger
    One of the bigger barriers to claiming PIP, regardless of health condition, is the sense that it requires us to talk negatively about ourselves when we’re used to talking or thinking positively. I’m not sure it’s entirely true though. 

    I was told I would never play ball sports with anything smaller than a football and I would struggle with that. I have won medals playing football. So, when I talks out myself and football I would say to another person that I play football and have won medals. For a PIP claim (not that they’re interested in my football skills) I am simp;y required to give a more rounded nuanced picture. The truth is that I can play football and I have won medals but I have done neither reliably. 

    PIP does not require us to talk in wholly negative terms. It simply requires us to explain what we can’t do reliably. It allows you to say that you can do things but to explain why they are sometimes harder for you to do. 

    To reiterate what @janer1967 has also said. JCP have no involvement in your PIP claim. Your evidence will in effect be reviewed in depth by a grand total of two people. A HCP and a decision maker/case manager. 

    There are plenty of organisations which help with form filling. Completing a PIP 2 is really about bringing your case to life via detailed stories and sometimes it yours someone else asking you questions to bring that out. Try


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