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School transport - Suffolk County Council

fruitcake2021 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited October 26 in Education
Good morning. I'm desperately trying to find out whether there are any other parents struggling to get their transport payments from the Suffolk County Council? After an incident and on going problems with the Councils choice of school transport, we decided it was safer for us to take our disabled daughter to school. They drew up a contract in January, told us the amounts we would receive and when and unfortunately we have had problems ever since. We have to phone, email and threaten every single month (sometimes every week) just to get the payments that they set up and it's exhausting. It took us from January to July to get the first payment and back payments. At the moment they still owe us for the new term and we are at a complete loss on what to do, as we don't want to go through this every single month. We've done everything, even issued complaints. We never get any response, a phone call back or email. Ombudsman won't help until we've waited 12 weeks for them to respond to our last complaint, which means waiting until January 2022. Why are they doing this to us? It's law for them to provide this, they break the rules and don't mind or worry about doing so. Any help or advice would be appreciated! 


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    Welcome to the community @fruitcake2021 :) I'm really sorry that you're having to fight so hard for the appropriate transport payments. I'm not 100% sure what to suggest, seeing as you've already complained and spoken to the ombudsman, so I hope that another member with some personal experience will find your post soon. 

    I've also marked your post as unanswered so that other members will be able to identify it as unanswered, and so that we can come back to it more easily if we find a possible solution or suggestion for you. 
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