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No grip with arthritis

onebigvoice Member Posts: 213 Courageous
I suffer badly from Arthritis all over, and found that I have been loosing my grip on things like pots and Pans, and the electric Kettle if filled up.
  You might like to try this, as I found it actually helps me, and let me know how you get on.
  Most women have a round hair brush with the knobbly plastic brush ends, although you can use a bristle brush.  What you do is open your palm and roll it up and down the affected area.  Do this for about a minute then do the other hand, or leg repeat for about 3 times and you will find that the circulation returns in your hand and does improve your grip.
 No need to press hard just to stimulate the circulation.  If you have any open wounds say on the leg, wrap them up first with cloth or bandage then do it.
  I have had some success with this, its not a fix but a relief from the pain cycle.
Try it and let me know.  Its some thing like a Chinese massage.   



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