Thank you

aicha Community member Posts: 8 Listener
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for your help
6months ago I had a breakdown/breakthrough 
You all assisted me in my darkest hours 
Adviced and supported   encouraged me
When I had no hope 
Thank you for your help
I'm fine now ..going back to me and bettering myself 
I'm working  .but most of all 
On myself 
Thank you ???


  • chiarieds
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    It's great to hear from you again @aicha - so pleased you are in a better place now....I think working on ourselves is always a work in progress. I wish you well, & thank you for your update. :)
  • aicha
    aicha Community member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thank you 
  • Tori_Scope
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    It's great to hear that you're feeling better, and more like yourself @aicha :) Working on yourself can be difficult, so well done to you on making all that progress!

    Did you manage to sort out your employment situation?