I've submitted my online form. What are the next steps?

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. Hello my name is Thomas [removed by moderator - full name] I've basically submitted my online form and I've paid a contribution towards the personal Independance payment calculator I can't manage daily tasks I normally do voluntary work at [removed by moderator - address]. Someone told me you don't have to pay towards pip but I already have I don't know if that went threw to someone else account. What are the next steps in recieving personal Independance payment I thought all my consultant had to do is write up a spread sheet and send it to the right company are they any apps I have to download to start receiving payment each month is there and shops near by were you study and where I could contribute but I don't walk anywhere i always get my support worker Gordon [removed by moderator - full name] to take me 


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    Welcome to the community @Tloader12 :) It's good to have you with us. 

    You don't have to pay in order to submit a claim for PIP. Was it a website you submitted a payment to? Have you spoken to your support worker about this? 

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    Hi there 

    You seem very confused about the pip process and suggest you have a look 8n our pip section 

    To apply for pip you call the pip application number there are no contributions from the claimant 

    You will then be sent forms to complete detailing how your condition affects you against the pip descriptors 

    They will then send these to the assessment providers who will arrange an assessment either by phone or f2f and in rare occasions paper based 

    They will complete a report and send back to dwp who will then go to a decision maker to decide if an award is granted 

    If awarded you are paid into your bank account every 4 weeks 

    No need for any apps , no fees I think you have been on a fraud website and suggest you contact dwp start your claim and report the scam 
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    To add to the other advice given above, your Consultant doesn't need to write any spread sheets for you to claim PIP.
    You do not start a PIP claim online. To start your claim you need to ring DWP PIP helpline...  0800 917 2222
    You will then be asked a few simple questions... bank details, GP, NI number, full name and address etc.
    They will then send you a PIP2 form to complete and return to them with all your evidence.