The Support, Gender, and Sexuality Study - Participants Sought (Aged 18-30)

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My name is Ned, I want to share news about a research study that I think will interest to the online community. This recruitment video for the study, produced by Beacon Films, an organisation that works with disabled creatives and film makers, says more.

This study was funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research. To find out more, email Ned at, or send a text message or WhatsApp Ned on 07838664356. Information is also available on our website

What is this study about?

We are carrying out a study on how young disabled adults (age 18-30) make decisions about hiring personal assistants (PAs). We want to know whether gender or sexuality (of the young person or the PA) shapes those decisions. 

By asking these questions, the study wants to develop resources that young disabled adults and PAs can use when having conversations about gender or sexuality. 

We have ethical approval to conduct the research and are now recruiting participants to take part in this research.

Who can take part?

All young disabled adults, whatever your sexuality or gender, are welcome to take part. You must be aged between 18 and 30. You should live in England and have over 6 months experience of managing your support arrangements. You do not have to have a PA right now.


What will happen if I take part?

We will invite you to an interview (a conversation about your support experiences in relation to gender and sexuality) via your choice of communication method – such as face-to-face, video-chat, email, instant messenger or phone call. This will last about 60 minutes.

You can also choose to receive a journal for you to you fill out in your own time over 4 weeks. Participants can say which parts they do or do not want to do. All participants will get a £20 pound voucher as a thank you for taking part.


Who will conduct the research?

All research will be carried out by researchers at Northumbria University, including the project PI Ned Coleman-Fountain. We will offer a researcher of the gender of your choice. All researchers will have advanced training in qualitative research methods.


What things will be asked about?

We will ask about people's experiences of managing and working with PAs, including information on levels of support, sources of support, and funding for PAs.

We will also ask about self-identification in terms of sexuality and gender, and how participants think sexuality and gender link to their relationships with their PAs.

It is up to you what questions you answer.


How can I take part?

If you think you might want to take part in this research or want more information relating to this research, we would like to hear from you. To get in touch, you can email Ned Coleman-Fountain at, or send a text message or WhatsApp Ned on 07838664356.


You can also find out more at our website: