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Help for those with Mental Health and ADHD

Dspencer9 Member Posts: 8 Listener
Amongst my conditions I have tried CBT (cognative behavioural therapy) and DBT (dialectial behavioural therap) more designed for Bipolar Disorder, but none have worked especially how they’ve been presented as I have quite severe learning difficulties, so they have never been explained how they work or what I have to do. One day on an ADHD newsletter I was recommended an app called Luminosity. It’s an app that first assesses your strengths and weaknesses in reaction, maths, logic etc and makes learning those new skills really fun and has been the best thing I have ever started. I’ve also been recommended an app called Inflow. I had audio programmes to listen to for my ADHD for 5 mins a day, on self compassion, handling rejection, dealing with people etc. It helps you set goals and challenges, then reminds you, has a space for journals, has videos to watch and much more. This for me has achieved much more in one month than my CPN has done in 6. My psychiatrist has finally started me on some anti-psychotics to control the erratic mood changes and changes in how I see each day and I’ve made myself a document with lots of emergency details, helpfull videos and info when I’m struggling and relaxation tips if anyone wants a copy


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