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Glen1981 Member Posts: 11 Listener
I feel like I’m having a stroke again today, pins and needles down my left arm, trouble breathing and feel sick and like death.

I am seriously thinking about asking the GP for medication even though it hasn’t helped in the past. 

What are other peoples views on anti depressants, do they work for you, or make your mood even less stable. 

At my wits end today but will take it slow and see how I am tomorrow. 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 24,723 Disability Gamechanger
    Glen1981 said:
    I feel like I’m having a stroke again today, pins and needles down my left arm, trouble breathing and feel sick and like death.

    If you're feeling this way you should be ringing 999 rather than post here.

    Anti-depressants do work for some people but it's not a magic wand and yes it will take time. Both my daughters take them and they do help but it took a few months for my one daughter to start feeling a little better.

  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,632 Disability Gamechanger
    Have to agree with Poppy if you think you are having a stroke @Glen1981 phone an ambulance or get someone to take you to A&E.
    As for anti-depressants I've found them helpful, as do many people.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • Glen1981
    Glen1981 Member Posts: 11 Listener
    I’m ok, I keep getting Irvine have told the doctor before, they said it is anxiety, I just don’t want to keep loosing a day because of it, not to mention the discomfort and pain. I will see what the doctors say and if I get any other symptoms, if it gets worse, or if it is still there at 6 o’clock I will ask someone to take me to A+E

    thanks all 
  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 5,416

    Scope community team

    Hi @Glen1981

    Have you been in contact with your GP? If your symptoms persist and you feel as though it may be an emergency please call 999. If you perhaps don't think it is an emergency you can call the 111 number to get some medical advice. 

    I'm sorry to hear of how your anxiety and medication impact you, I would suggest speaking with your doctor if you feel as though you need more or different support.
    Online Community Coordinator

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