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My poem for Disability history month

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My poem for Disability history month

Don’t be afraid to fight for change.

Important we all stand together.

Staying positive with everything we do

Apricating our fantastic hidden talents inside us all.

Breaking down the barriers that have been placed in front of us.

I feel we can shine like the stars we are.

Love who we are.

Important we let our voices be heard. 

Time to let our crafts shine through.

Yet work day and night to perfect our craft.

 Have spent years fighting for change

Intending to remove invisible tags that were placed on us.

Striving to prove our doubters wrong.

Time to change people’s perceptions. 

Opportunity lets our passion grow as we make great strides for change.

Rising each day and working our craft.

Yes, we are great and it is our time to shine.


Making our failures can be our strength to empower us to do wonderful things.

Opportunity to have our names up in lights one day.

No matter how long this journey may take us.

Trying to keep minds focussed on our goal.

Having fantastic determination be great again.




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