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Do you use subtitles?

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I binge-watched the series 'Squid Game' recently, and used subtitles so that I could understand the dialogue (it's Korean, for those that haven't watched it!). 

I often turn subtitles on when I'm watching TV in English, too, as I sometimes find it easier to follow what's going on that way.

There are lots of reasons why people might use subtitles or closed captions when watching TV. I enjoyed journalist and campaigner Liam O'Dell's video on what captions have done for us:

A poll by Stagetext (The Limping Chicken) has revealed that nearly 25% of the general public watch captioned content “all the time” at home. 

Despite this, not all services offer subtitles or closed captions as an option, and they're not always accurate if they do. 

For example, this YouTube video from Deafie Blogger outlines that only 1-2% of cinema screenings are accessible via subtitles:

Channel 4 have also come under fire recently for disruptions to their subtitling service, leaving many hearing impaired people feeling excluded and isolated. This problem has now been partially fixed, which you can read about on Channel 4's website.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on subtitles and closed captions. 
  • Do you often watch content with subtitles or closed captions on?
  • Do you think more effort should be made to ensure that a subtitling service is available for all types of content?
  • Have you ever felt excluded or isolated as a result of a subtitling service not being available, or not working properly?
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