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Disabled parking in Waltham Forest

chubbydaddy Member Posts: 5 Connected
Hello, my name is Paul and I live in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  If you live within this borough or another area and your parking is under attack by the council you should make your views known to the council. Recently along Leytonstone High road a stretch of parking (including a disabled bay, was given over to some planters. The council say its part of their strategy to encourage more sustainable methods of travel and less cars.  However many of us need our cars and we need to be able to park.  By removing disabled parking the council is making us compete with able bodied drivers for the limited parking that is left.  Also recently the number of blue badge holders was increased because many hidden disabilities were allowed to apply for a blue badge (quite rightly).  That does mean more disabled drivers competing for disabled parking bays and competing with able bodied drivers for the same.  Please please fight for our right to be mobile and to be able to park.  If councils are allowed to get away with this attack on our rights they will continue and remove even more.  Contact your council and complain and ask for more disabled bays not less.  Thank you for reading through my rant.



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