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onebigvoice Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
 I just wondered what is actually going on...
  Tomorrow a " small rock" well 430 Ft is going to pass earth.  This is classed as a near miss with the distance being around 3.8 million miles  This "rock" if it hit would be 1.5 times bigger than anything detonated so far, 77 megatons.
  If this is supposed to miss? then why did NASA send up a rocket to land on it and explode to deflect it away from us?


  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 8,228 Disability Gamechanger
    There are no known asteroid threats to this planet for approx. `the next 100 years. 

    The answer to your question is already public domain i.e. here is an opportunity to see if deflection is possible without posing any risk or having to do so for real. 
  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
    I did already know it was just amusing how they sent the rocket off and kept it low profile.
      It was on my newsreel feed.
  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
    He is another bit of news to people that are watching the skys....

    Total solar eclipse 2021: When, where and how to see it on Dec. 4

      Need to be in the southern part of the world, but you can catch it live on live streaming.
      Evening star is nice and bright ready for Christmas.....
  • TheAlien
    TheAlien Member Posts: 208 Pioneering
    ...... and once again there's astronomical events and we have cloud cover.... lol.
  • rubin16
    rubin16 Member Posts: 235 Pioneering
    edited December 2021
    I think its to see if we have any sort of defence against asteroids if one was ever going to come in contact with earth. I think its a good thing to try and see if we can deflect rocks that could hit us, saying that though it does make me think what if they get it wrong and instead of deflecting a rock to not hit us, diverts its path so it does hit us.

    asteroids and space rocks are scary as we can't see them all and haven't mapped them all so potenially one could be heading for us right now and we wouldn't know until it was close enough, some arn't even seen till its too late and hits us like the Chelyabinsk meteor that hit in russia a few years ago or the tunguska event.

    I do believe we will need some sort of defence against them otherwise one day we will be sitting ducks, but hopefully one doesn't hit till far in the future and whereby we have set up a good defence system against them.

    If anything was to happen atleast we know to send bruce willis up with a nuke to blow it up.
  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
    And so it begins.....
      For those of you that are up at 07:44 am in the Antarctic, there is an eclipse.
      It is happening right now so if you want a live feed try googling Eclipse today, or go to U-Tube later as I am sure it will end up there.


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