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Festive scavenger hunt [Game]

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This month we'll be holding our first ever Collective Community Christmas Scavenger Hunt!
As a community we'll be aiming to tick off all 20 items on our scavenger list. To tick an item off, all you need to do is take and share a photograph of any of the items listed below:
  • a Christmas train - Still to find
  • a candy cane - Still to find
  • a post box covered in snow
  • an advent calendar
  • a Christmas tree that isn't green
  • a gingerbread man
  • a humbug
  • a Christmas jumper
  • a penguin
  • an elf on the shelf
  • mistletoe
  • a dinosaur-themed decoration
  • a snowflake
  • a mince pie
  • a small snowman
  • Christmas lights
  • a robin
  • a Quality Street or Roses tin
  • a Christmas candle
  • a Santa hat
The only rule is that it has to be something you've found or seen yourself, not a photo you've found online! :open_mouth:

Items can be found more than once and can be interpreted how you like - for example, it doesn't have to be a real penguin - a toy, decoration, balloon or penguin-shaped lollipop would be fine.

Anyone taking part will be rewarded with the rare and exclusive Community Christmas Scavenger badge.
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