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Your Poems for Disability History Month

Tori_Scope Scope Posts: 12,508 Disability Gamechanger
edited December 2022 in Coffee lounge
As you may know, Disability History Month has been running from 18 November to 18 December. 

This is a time to remember and celebrate the achievements of disabled people throughout history, as well as reflect on how we can achieve greater equality for disabled people moving forwards.

The 2 themes this year are:
  • hidden impairments
  • sex and relationships
Due to the popularity of the poetry thread, we thought it'd be nice to feature some poems inspired by Disability History Month, written by our very own members. 

Please do give them a read, and share your thoughts in the comments below. You're also more than welcome to share any of your own poetry in the comments :) 

My secret 

By anon

Silently feeling the pain inside my body
Taking regular pain killers  to be groggy
Prodding along my day at a slow pace
To others I look ok, a smile on my face

Family don't know the extent of the pain
Even the Drs when you try to explain 
I get told to just move myself and walk
But that's OK for them to stand and talk

The pain limits to what I can get done
Bending and lifting is not too much fun
Walking is limited not even a stride 
On bad days forget it I'm OK I lied

No one can see the secret that I hide
Only the details that I try to  provide 
But you look ok and you also look fine 
Yes I say but you can't see my spine


By anon

My blood pumps fast,
my brain swimming with fear.
My eyesight goes dark,
I can feel the panic near.

Where's my escape?
Where could I go? 
How can I leave my brain behind?
And make my heartbeat slow?

My skull is a prison,
to a brain gasping for air.
For respite, for calm,
for silence, and care.

Why am I like this?
What did I do?
Is this a punishment,
for things I cannot undo?

I jump in the shower,
and let the water run hot.
With wobbly knees,
I focus on what is, and what's not.

How can I explain,
what it's like to feel this?
To be scared of something,
that doesn't exist?

My vision restores,
my breath slowing at last.
I can see a way out now.
I mustn't dwell on the past.

For panic is temporary,
even when chronic, you see.
It takes over for a moment,
then I'm back to being me.

History, disability impairments sex and us

By David, aka @onebigvoice

From November to December,
Its disability impairment month
Its to celebrate achievement
And things that we all have done.
I wanted to look at people
who have overcome their problem
To become the best of the best,
And achieve as they are so sincere.
But then again, it comes down,
to attitude and help
And not hiding away,
And don’t just think about yourself.
Now people on the list below
may seem, that they had a go
But even they had to start some where
And said I’ll give that a go.
Now when you think of Chris Packham,
he’s now a CBE
He’s even turned his talents around
Cos I’ve seen him on TV.
Francesca Martinez, was not always this way
but even more so, if you’ve got cerebral palsy,
She still does a comic show, radio and quiz shows.
And calls herself ”wobbly,” a fearless campaigner on the go.
Then of course there’s Michael J Fox an Actor we all know
Who later in his career got Parkinson’s disease
And helps other by identifying
those early markers, as the days go by.
I’m only mentioning two more
although the list is endless
So to those that I have missed
Its because I needed an ending.
Stephen Hawking, scientist who helped us shape the world
And get a better understanding, of our Universe.
And there’s Stevie Wonder, Song writer, singer, piano player and record producer to
Who was also an activist against discrimination, and social injustice to.
The one person I have not said,
is the people that I may have not met.
Because we are all unique in need
And different trigger points to get us off our knees.
There’s nothing that you cannot achieve
If you put your mind to it
So don’t just be a couch potato
Become an activist.
You don’t have to storm parliament,
or walk around, with banners and shout
All those clicky slogans, which really don’t mean nought.
Contact people on here, as they would have more clout.
When you write to admin,
to support a cause
They know the people that need a gee up,
and would get much more applause.
We are only asking for our right,
to be heard as well,
Don’t burry your head, and hope, that will do the trick,
instead add your signature to that ever growing list.
Onevoice can be good, in certain instances,
But sometimes even I have to start some where
As more voices need to be heard, and added to that list.
Your stories need to be told,
and you can do just that
By becoming involved,
as history has a way to bite, and fight back.
Every story tells a tale,
you only have to read on here,
So join the fight for benefits
Its almost the end of another year.  

My poem for Disability History Month

By @Globster

Don’t be afraid to fight for change.
Important we all stand together.
Staying positive with everything we do
Apricating our fantastic hidden talents inside us all.
Breaking down the barriers that have been placed in front of us.
I feel we can shine like the stars we are.
Love who we are.
Important we let our voices be heard. 
Time to let our crafts shine through.
Yet work day and night to perfect our craft.

Have spent years fighting for change
Intending to remove invisible tags that were placed on us.
Striving to prove our doubters wrong.
Time to change people’s perceptions. 
Opportunity lets our passion grow as we make great strides for change.
Rising each day and working our craft.
Yes, we are great and it is our time to shine.
Making our failures can be our strength to empower us to do wonderful things.
Opportunity to have our names up in lights one day.
No matter how long this journey may take us.
Trying to keep minds focussed on our goal.
Having fantastic determination be great again.

(I didn’t tell.)

By David, aka @onebigvoice

Now that I’ve got your attention,
I have some things to say,
I have a Disability
that simply won’t go away
It’s not some thing people talk about
Unless it’s happened to you
Because, it’s simply not on view
Why is there such a stigma
Attached to love and sex
Am I not entitled to it,
just like all the rest.
They say keep taking the tablets
To help me function like you
They even have a tablet,
for the subjects that are taboo.
Erectile dysfunction is only one of them
And believe me when I say
Its not only about getting a hard on,
And it’s not only about the men.
Women need affection, just the same as you
And its not about being a Greek god
After all, look who she married,
GOOD choice, OH yes it’s you.
The years have taken their toll
my body is not what it was.
Yes where I had a six pack
I’m fat and floppy and pale.
I’ve gain a few pounds, around the middle of me
Which is so annoying, as I can’t see the bottom of me.
I know my dangly bits and feet are still there.
And see them in the mirror,
when I stand and stare.
Your wife or partner still loves you
Even though you have really changed
So once in a while, say I love you
Be spontaneous, it SHOWS YOU REALLY CARE.

Deep in your heart are memories
that never go away,
So when time get really hard
Just remember that special day.
Replace the pain of heart ache
With things you loved to do
Its like watching a video
Where you can do anything, even if its taboo.

I’ve been married almost 50 years
boy how the time just flies,
don’t spend your time living in the past
but plan those twilight years.
Every day’s a new day
to write another chapter
don’t spend time disagreeing
just do it, with loads of laughter.
I have no outward signs of pain
There are thing you still don’t know
I don’t want to be pitied
I just want me to be me and you to be you.
There are things that will change,
when I expose my life
But just please remember,
you will always be my wife
In my heart I love you, and I always will
Its not about fast cars and that big house on the hill.
Its about leaving a mark, on family, and loved ones as well
This is the whole reason that “I did not tell."


By @lisathomas50

What is life its up its down and upside down we are happy and sad we laugh we cry life what is life 

There is life there is death there is well people there are sick some people struggle some people don't some are rich some are poor some have nothing at all life what is life 

The virus is here spreading around mutating infecting it's going around people live people die some suffer some don't  life what is life 

Life what is life we will know one day but until then life what is life

Over to you...

What do you think of the poems written by our members?

Do you have any poetry relating to Disability History Month that you'd like to share?

National Campaigns Officer at Scope, she/her


  • Libby_Alumni
    Libby_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,251 Pioneering
    I applaud all of our members for such moving, powerful and meaningful poems. I think poems are such a great way to add creativity to your ideas and to act as a voice for many individuals :)
    Online Community Information Coordinator

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  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 768 Pioneering
    Hope you don't mind another poem.  

    Disability Month.


    I am Disabled?


      I’ve left a poem on here, because its disability week

    It celebrates the achievement, with disabled people that are great

    But you have to remember that we are all in the same boat

    It just takes different things to keep us all afloat


    Some people are lucky, they can take a tablet or two,

    Which helps them function, just like you and you and you.

    Some have had operations to try to stem the pain

    But most don’t realise that you will never be the same.


    I don’t want to be pidgin hole and called this or that

    I am an individual, and just leave it all at that.

    Everyone calls me Disabled, it affect us differently,

    It’s not a simple assessment, and why are you telling me?


    The last one I had, it left out half of what I had,

    Which was good, in some instances, because I was glad

    When they started to list, the things that I had wrong

    I realised, I need to come to terms, you know there’s something wrong.


     I’ve been taking tablets for too long, to not notice I have changed

     I used to be happy and energetic, and always above the game.

    I had a plan mapped out for me and my family

    That all changed, when I became disabled and maimed.


    I don’t feel sorry for myself, it’s the family and close friends

    Who don’t seem to be able to grasp and make amend

    Even all the little things that I could always do

    Like taking the kids over the park, is a challenge just to do.

    There so much taken for granted, when you have been given that title

    The heaviest burden of them all is the title disabled.

    When it first happens to you, you try to laugh it off

    And show people you are as strong as before, and don’t need their support


    As time goes by the simple tasks are harder,

     when you can’t even put your socks on

    without fits of laughter, if only they knew what I was going through

    The pain, the mental torcher.


    Its not a life style choice, this title of disabled

    And would gladly give it up, to those who are filled with laughter

    To have half an hour respite, and give my pain to them

    And enjoy what I used to be way, way back then.


    The moral of my poem, as if you have not guessed

    Is to remember just try to be your best, on any day

    as there is no hidden addenda

    You might have hidden illnesses, that others do not see

    But carry on through the pain,

    the last laugh is I know I am now Disabled,

    so have a laugh on me.

    Some disabilities are life long, so enjoy the life you have and just remember, your only here once where you can get help and support even after the month has gone.
      You just have to remember we all have skills and expertise and are good at some thing so lets all get our voices heard in the coming year.

      I would like just to wish all here on the forum a Happy New Year  and Merry Christmas what ever your god you choose to celebrate ( or not)  its the only time of year I drink because of the meds.  Well go out with a bang, DOH......  
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Posts: 12,508 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks to @euro for sending through this wonderful poem :) Though Disability History Month may be over, every day is a good day to celebrate the achievements of disabled people, as well as reflect on the barriers many disabled people continue to face. 

    Do I know your pain?

    I know when you are hurting 

    because you make it really clear. 

    You tell me what is painfull 

    and you groan so I can hear. 


    When you hurt I ask 'are you coping?' 

    Your response depends on the pain. 

    Sometimes you need reassuring, 

    Other times you'll say 'It's insane!' 

    I react with care and compassion, 

    offer meds, a massage, just an ear. 

    My empathy is always welcomed, 

    at least you seem grateful that I am near.  

    When you hurt you get rather abbrasive; 

    pain affects how you act, what you do. 

    It gets into your head and your thinking 

    and makes it difficult for you to be true. 


    When you hurt no one else's pain matters; 

    and your pain wants to take centre stage. 

    If I dare say I'm also hurting, 

    you lash out, reacting with rage. 


    My pain has no room in those moments 

    No right to be noticed or exist. 

    It feels like the ultimate rejection 

    So I bite down and clench hard my fist. 


    Because I know you are hurting - 

    you always make sure that I know, 

    and I know it's not 'you' in there, talking, 

    I breathe, try to make my heart slow. 


    You also know when I am hurting 

    because I hurt, really, all of the time. 

    Yet mostly, you don't hear me telling; 

    I am silent, don't whinge and don't whine. 


    My pain, it is hidden, not glaring. 

    And it's cause has yet to be found. 

    No evidence that I'm not just faking, 

    no reason it's hanging around. 


    Your pain, that's different, I see that. 

    It comes, stays a while then it's gone. 

    If it lingers for more than a day 

    then you know that something is wrong. 


    The cause of your pains are apparent; 

    overstretching, a bump or a cut. 

    Evidence of it is also revealing - 

    swollen limbs, a bruise, bloated gut. 


    You think I am constantly moaning. 

    You've said so, and not in a dream. 

    You don't notice that mostly I'm quiet 

    even though I could easily scream. 


    When I hurt and it's much worse than usual, 

    I'll say to you, 'darling, it's bad'. 

    You respond with contempt, indignation 

    and tell me to stop looking so sad. 


    You say that you don't want to hear it; 

    not in words, but in every other way. 

    Your face and your body speak volumes 

    I hear, loud and clear, what they say. 


    When it's bad, I can feel rather useless. 

    Sometimes I'll play house, all the same. 

    My frustration can spill out as anger 

    when I feel that I'm losing the game. 


    But then you react with aggression 

    'What's up with you, slamming around?' 

    I think that the next time I fall down, 

    I'll just stay there, flat out, on the ground. 

    My pain, I believe is an outlet

    for decades of feelings ignored,

    for the pain and trauma I went through

    for the experiences I never explored.


    Pain, I think, needs some expression, 

    without that it gets much, much worse. 

    But stuck between rocks and a hard place, 

    your reactions are just like a curse. 

    Suppressing my hurt is so painful - 

    much more than I think I can bear. 

    Expressing my pain, though, that harms us - 

    splitting us through wear and tear. 


    I wish that you could be more thoughtful, 

    and show me you care, that I'm loved. 

    But like many times in my lifetime, 

    I really feel I'm being shoved. 


    I'm used to my voice being silenced, 

    my feelings ignored, by the by. 

    My pain, I am learning, is equal; 

    ask about it, then I should just lie. 


    I will try and I'll try to be silent, 

    continue to fight back the tears. 

    At least that way it's only me hurting, 

    have to make sure that nobody hears. 


    I wish also that I could be stronger, 

    impervious to any attack. 

    Happy as a sandboy on pay day, 

    nothing capable of setting me back. 


    But pain is my loyal companion, 

    in my body, my soul and my mind. 

    Nothing I do or you do will fix me, 

    until I have left this world behind. 

    National Campaigns Officer at Scope, she/her

  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 55,642 Disability Gamechanger
    @euro a great poem, thanks for sharing it with us.
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