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Charging a mobility scooter without access to mains electricity

Eddie3625 Member Posts: 3 Listener
My father in law has purchased a second hand mobility scooter. However he lives on the 2nd floor of a block of flats and cannot get the mobility scooter into the flats. He has access to a shed outside for storing it however there is no mains electric available for him to plug it into in order to charge its battery.
He is contemplating running an extension lead from a socket in his bedroom, down the outside of the flat, then across a path to the shed.

Apart from the obvious like the time it would take him to run the extension lead out everytime he wanted to charge the scooter, I've also raised the issue of trip hazards ect.

My question is this... Is there a suitable portable power PAC (like those you can get for a mobile phone but bigger) out there on the market that he could charge in his flat, then take into his shed and connect his mobility scooter to to charge.




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